This Is The Best Dog Breed For Your Zodiac Sign

While astrology may not exactly be a science, per se, it's surprising how many insights it can actually offer into our personalities. You know who else is great at letting us get in touch with our true selves, or at least the good parts? Dogs, that's who. Numerous bumper stickers, fridge magnets, t-shirts, and at least one country song ("Lord, help me be the kind of person my dog thinks I am,") have paid tribute to the power of dogs in our lives. The same could well be said of your star sign, as well. Often times, astrology readings have a tendency to focus on each sign's positive traits, which is as it should be.


If you want a dog who not only knows and loves you but who also has a personality that's simpatico with yours, why not choose a dog of an astrologically compatible breed? According to our dogstrological calculations, these are the breeds best suited for each zodiac sign.

Best dog for Aries: Labrador Retriever

If you are an Aries, it's likely you're a real go-getter who's full of energy and always up for fun. While no one would accuse you of lacking depth, you have little time for drama and complications (via Co-Star Astrology). A simple, straightforward, and super-outgoing breed will be your best doggy match, so for you we've chosen the Labrador retriever.


Who doesn't love a smiling, tail wagging Lab? Labs, whether chocolate, yellow, or basic black, are a perennially popular pooch. According to the American Kennel Club, in 2020 the Lab celebrated its 30th year as America's favorite dog breed, though they are actually Canadian in origin. Not surprisingly, they are equally popular in their homeland (via the Canadian Kennel Club), which speaks to their tendency to find friends and admirers wherever they go –- a very Aries-like trait! While most Labs tend to be a bit more chill than the average Aries (assuming there is such a thing), their laid-back personalities may help to keep some of that Aries fire from raging out of control.

American Eskimos are great for the zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus is the sign of the Bull, so you would expect that the bulldog would be their natural partner, right? While bulldogs do make great Taurus dogs, our pick speaks more to the sign's lesser-known attributes that come from their ruling planet of Venus. Venus was named for and rules over the domain of love and beauty, and Taurus is in fact one of the most romantic and beauty-loving signs (via Allure). What better dog for a Taurus than one who is breathtakingly gorgeous in appearance but enjoys nothing more than a good snuggle? We're talking about the one and only American Eskimo Dog.


The Eskie is known for their striking white and/or cream "poofle," their deep, dark eyes, their cute foxy faces, and their friendly, loyal demeanor. Eskies want to be a part of the family, and the AKC notes that they tend to be terrific with kids. They are super people pleasers, and will be happy to stay right by the side of their special Taurus someone, never once feeling like their person is being too clingy or possessive. Oh, and if you should happen to be indulging in one those famous Taurean gourmet meals, your loyal American Eskimo wouldn't mind a nibble or two.

Gemini and Papillon can be good pals

Gemini is one of the most sociable of the signs. Geminis tend to be friendly and outgoing but in less of a forthright manner than a fire sign. Instead, these air signs like to keep things light and breezy as they flit from here to there, wanting to sample a little bit of everything the world has to offer (via Co-Star Astrology). For the zodiac's social butterfly, we've chosen the "butterfly dog," aka the Papillon.


Papillons are small but stunning, known for the distinctive, wing-like ears that gave them their name. As Hill's describes them, Papillons are easy-going but high energy, just like a Gemini, and they, too, are the most sociable of souls. They will play with other dogs of all sizes (they didn't get the memo about their own tiny stature), and they're purr-fectly willing to play with cats, as well. Papillons also adapt easily to any living situation, from a large home in the country to a tiny apartment in the city. They even make great travel companions for jet-setting Geminis, as they tend to fit into the small pet carriers that can slide under an airplane seat.

Best dog for Cancer: Rat Terrier

Cancer is a sun sign that tends to be more complex than they're portrayed. While Cancers are, at heart, very sensitive, loving, loyal, family-centered souls, they can also be quite moody and seemingly as changeable as their ruling planet, the moon. They may also become "crabby" and retreat into their hard shells when they perceive any type of threat to their security (per Horoscope). If there's one real source of security in this world, though, it can be found in the love of a good dog, and there's no more loyal and loving companion than a rat terrier.


DogLime describes rat terriers as very fun-loving and lovable, and like all terriers they are pretty high-energy dogs, although ratties don't tend to be particularly belligerent. They are among the most family-oriented of the terrier breeds, and they just love to be with their people all the time. Well, you won't get any argument from Cancer! People may disappoint, but rat terrier love = true love 4ever.

Best dog for Leo zodiac sign: Pekingese

Leo the lion is a sign with a super-sized personality. Their ruling planet is the sun, and like the sun, they shine wherever they go. They also tend to feel as if they are the center of their own personal solar systems. While Leos love and appreciate their friends and family, once you're in a Lion's orbit, there's no doubt about whom everything revolves around (via Co-Star Astrology). For a Leo companion, we've chosen a dog who may be small in size, but is equally leonine in both looks and personality: the Pekingese.


In ancient China, Pekingese dogs lived in palaces, or so the AKC tells us. The Pekes of today also seem to feel that they are due all the perks of royalty. They can be described as regal in bearing and can be downright imperious at times. (The cat dared nibble my kibble? Off with its head!) As long as Leo and this little lion dog each recognizes the other's divine right to rule, they can get along very well together and agree to share the throne.

Virgos and poodles make a stunning match

Virgos are perhaps the most practical of the earth signs. They tend to be somewhat fastidious and are likely to take extra precautions with such things as their health and with maintaining a neat, clean environment. They are logical, practical, and highly intelligent, but are occasionally prone to over-stressing from the pressures of their perfectionist natures (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). The one thing guaranteed to lighten up even the most stressed-out Virgo is a lively, loving, but not too boisterous dog like the poodle.


Poodles are not only one of the smartest dog breeds but also one of the cleanest, which is something hygiene-conscious Virgo is bound to appreciate. While poodles have somewhat of a frivolous reputation, they're actually anything but. Sure, they can act silly at times, but Virgo could use a good giggle now and then. For the most part, though, poodles are extremely well-behaved and able to adapt to whatever their owner's needs might be. Dogtime does say that poodles need their exercise, but then, this is something that's also on every Virgo's to-do list, and a running buddy is more than welcome. Poodles also come in three sizes: toy, mini, and standard. This means there's a poodle to suit any living situation, which is certainly a point in their favor with ever-practical Virgo.


Best for Libra: Greyhound

Libras are a sign that's all about balance and harmony. Their symbol is the scales, and their ruling planet (shared with Taurus) is Venus, goddess of beauty. Libras love nothing more than happy, peaceful times spent with people who are all getting along. It's even better if they can enjoy such company while hanging out in a pleasing environment (per Horoscope). The perfect dog that will appeal to Libra's sense of the aesthetic is the ever-graceful greyhound.


One thing that Libras will absolutely adore about greyhounds is the fact that so many of them are available to adopt from societies such as Heart Bound that rescue retired racers. While Libras will likely be outraged by some of the indignities suffered by racing dogs, their sense of justice will be satisfied by providing a once-abused dog with a loving home. In return, the greyhound will repay their Libra with a lifetime of doggie devotion, not to mention a daily dose of delightful canine eye candy! What's more, Libras may appreciate the fact that greyhounds aren't the most destructive of breeds. This means it's possible to own a greyhound and still have nice things! (Something that would not be possible with certain other breeds such as the one that rhymes with "Iberian muskie.")


For Scorpios, a Shiba Inu is perfect

Scorpios, unlike the gentler, go-with-the-flow water signs Pisces and Cancer, are still waters that run deep. In fact, if you were to compare them to a body of water, it would be an underground cavern. There's a lot going on under the surface with Scorpio, but you're probably never going to know exactly what. Scorpios, in a word, are as mysterious as their fog-enshrouded ruling planet, Neptune (per Co-Star Astrology). While dogs as a species don't tend to be all that mysterious, if there's one breed that does keep you guessing, that would be the Shiba Inu.


Shiba Inus are foxy little dogs that have surged in name recognition over recent years due to having spawned the Doge meme that in itself turned into a type of cryptocurrency. Shibas, as the AKC says, are an unusual breed in that they often act more like cats than dogs. They are highly independent and even a little bit stubborn, something any Scorpio can surely relate to.

A Siberian Husky is the best dog for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the wanderer of the zodiac. They are always off in search of new worlds to explore, or at least seeking out new experiences in their own backyard. The Archer may well be the most easy-going of the fire signs, but has no less vibrant a personality for all that. They don't want to start a fight; instead, they'd rather lead a hike, then head back to the lodge and get a drum circle going (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). You know who'd love to accompany them on this trip? That most Sagittarius of dog breeds, the Siberian Husky.


The husky, like all Sagittarians, is a wanderer at heart. If huskies aren't flying over the frozen tundra, they're likely to be scaling that 6-foot fence in your backyard to take off on a free-range tour of the neighborhood. It's true that huskies can get into the kind of mischief that requires a second mortgage to undo. (Sasha, how did you manage to devour an entire couch?? Again!!) Still, a Sagittarius won't mind a spot of sofa-eating amongst friends. They're not about material possessions. They're all about adventure, and there's no better companion than a husky for roaming the highways and byways of life.

Capricorns should choose a Basenji

Capricorns are a very down-to-earth earth sign, although they can cultivate a rather detached demeanor. Capricorns are close to their own inner circle of loved ones, but they tend to lack patience for what they consider frivolity, Socializing just for its own sake really isn't their thing (via Horoscope). Capricorns are also the zodiac's staunchest die-hard traditionalists, so for them we've chosen one of the oldest dog breeds known to man: the basenji, beloved of the ancient Egyptians.


The basenji personality meshes well with that of the Capricorn. Hill's says they are neat, clean dogs, something sure to appeal to the frequently fastidious Goat, and they also tend to be fairly aloof with strangers and only affectionate within their own family circle. Basenjis are also extremely clever, with excellent eyesight and and a sense of smell that's even better than that of the typical doggo. Just like Capricorns, basenjis are constantly curious. What's more, this breed is also somewhat of a curiosity itself, since basenjis never bark, but yodel instead!

Striking Weimaraners can be an Aquarius' best friend

Aquarius is the zodiac's visionary. They are always marching to a different beat that the rest of us just can't hear, and they prefer doing their own thing to going along with the crowd. While Aquarians are great lovers of humanity in general, they aren't always the warmest and fuzziest of individuals. They are air signs, after all, and tend to be ruled more by their hearts than their heads. One thing all Aquarians have in common is a liking for anything out of the ordinary (per Co-Star Astrology). They are the original hipsters in that they were into all the things before they went mainstream. For Aquarius, we chose a breed with a striking and unusual appearance: the "grey ghost," aka Weimaraner.


The Weimaraner, like Aquarius, has an almost uncanny intelligence. As Mental Floss puts it, Weimaraners are known for having a "human brain," but they are not known for being especially obedient. Aquarians are often inclined to break or at least bend the rules a bit themselves, so they will find a lot of common ground with these fascinating, yet sometimes exasperating, beasts.

Pisces and Pomeranian = true love

Pisceans are gentle, sensitive, and highly imaginative. They're not really the party animal type, nor are they out to climb every mountain or go forth boldly to conquer new worlds. Instead, a Pisces would like nothing more than to sit by the side of a gently flowing brook and contemplate the music of the spheres — or maybe whether they should dye their hair turquoise. (Pisces are partial to ocean colors, and tend to be offbeat in an artistic kind of way — per Horoscope.) Our Pisces pick for a doggie pal is the Pomeranian.


Poms are bright, inquisitive, and playful (via AKC), but they're also little bundles of love that just adore giving and receiving all the cuddles Pisces is more than happy to share. Poms are also extremely alert and make great mini-watchdogs, something that may help to pull Pisces away from those deep, dreamy waters in which they sometimes seem to be swimming.

The one dog breed that suits all signs

If there's one breed that could truly be said to have been born under the dog star (yes, we're being Sirius!), it would be the All-American mutt. Well, not just All-American, since mutts truly are a breed without borders. Mutts, or mixed breeds to give them their slightly more formal appellation, come in all shapes and sizes and coat colors, with flop ears, prick ears, or perhaps one of both. There is a mutt sure to match any personality, even that of the cat lover.


If you truly want the stars to decide your doggie destiny, let them lead you to your local shelter. Sure, you may have to jump through a few (or a lot!) of hoops, but then, the path to true love was never meant to be a smooth one. No matter how "ruff" it gets having to fill out applications, supply references, and maybe even go on a waiting list, it will all be worthwhile in the end. You'll not only get a new best friend out of the deal, but you may also quite literally save a life in the process! Although you know what they (meaning bumper stickers, magnets, shirts, and other such oracles) say: "Who rescued who?" Not that it matters, as long as the stars align and you and your canine companion come together at last.