Killer Camp Season 2 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

Last summer, the CW debuted the British reality television show "Killer Camp." The show featured 11 British contestants who were brought to Camp Pleasant with the impression that they would be spending their summer participating in innocent summer camp activities. However, upon arriving, they realize that they are participating in a truly horrifying take on the reality television genre, according to TV Guide. The show originally debuted as a Halloween special on ITV2 in 2019, per Reality Tidbit. In each episode of the show, the contestants compete to expose the "killer" among them and participate in a variety of twists and turns. Perhaps the most entertaining part of the reality show is the way in which each participant is eliminated from the show by the "killer." At the end of each episode, the "killer" among them actually murders (with the help of special effects) a contestant in cold blood. Those who can avoid the literal ax split a cash prize.

Given the fact that many were delighted with the premiere of an entirely new take on the reality television genre, a second season of the show could be on the horizon. Ahead, we reveal what we know about the second season of "Killer Camp."

Killer Camp will be returning for a second season

After debuting on the CW last summer, "Killer Camp" will be returning for its second season on the network. This time, the cast will consist of 13 British and American campers who share in delightful scares with camp handyman Bruce and camp counselor Bobby, portrayed once again by comedian Bobby Mair, per The Wrap. Those contestants who make it through and expose the "killer" among them will split a $50,000 cash prize. The upcoming season promises new surprises and terrifyingly elaborate murders. The first season of the show was filmed in a remote forest in Lithuania where temperamental weather made shooting rather difficult at times, according to Broadcast Now.

A premiere date and filming location have yet to be announced. Though, as detailed by a post on Twitter by the makers of the television show, the second season of "Killer Camp" already wrapped shooting in June.

Cast members play into horror movie tropes

Upon arriving at the murderous summer camp, each contestant on "Killer Camp" is modeled after common archetypes found in horror movies, like the jock, the vegan, the flirt, the nerd, and more. The first season of the show featured Sian, a beauty therapist; Nurry, a pianist; Sam, a chef; Holly, a barista; Rosie, a healthcare assistant; Carl, a car dealer; Jacques, a wine tasting host; Rob, who works in cinema; Eleanor, a content executive; Feargal, a nanny; and Warren, an eyewear designer, per Reality Tidbit. "I had the time of my life! I thought it was so much fun, it was like being in a real-life horror movie, like a Cluedo," Holly told Reality Tidbit.

According to Heavy, (spoiler alert!) Feargal and Nurry were "killed off" in the first episode of the show. Warren succumbs to a quite interesting fate when a penis from a statue pierces him in the eye in the second episode. Then, Rosie perishes from hot tub electrocution. In the third episode of the show, Rob reveals that he is the killer (and is immediately killed). Then in the finale, it is revealed that the other killer on the show was Carl, the car dealer.

The cast for the second season of the show has yet to be announced.

New deadly twists await the season two contestants

As The Wrap recently detailed, new deadly twists await the contestants on the second season of "Killer Camp" — though those twists have yet to be revealed. Over the course of the competition, 13 contestants will work to figure out who among them is the killer (or killers). If they don't figure out which contestants among them are the killers, they will be "killed off" one by one by camp handyman Bruce.

Along with "Killer Camp," the CW will be premiering "Would I Lie to You," a British comedy panel show featuring host Rob Brydon, Lee Mack, and David Mitchell, who are joined by several celebrity guests who weave elaborate tales that must be deciphered as fact or fiction, according to TV Series Finale. Competing teams on the show will ask questions and watch body language as they attempt to determine if the celebrity guests are, in fact, telling the truth.

Though both shows are set to appear on the CW at some point in the near future, the exact premiere dates have yet to be announced.