Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You're A Leo

When it comes to astrology, people tend to fall into three groups: those who actively follow it, those who shun it completely, and those who enjoy it as entertainment. We'd venture to guess that most people fall into the last group. We know that we ultimately control our own destiny, but we still enjoy learning how accurate astrologers are about the basic personality traits of our signs, and get a kick out of finding out who our most compatible love matches are and what types of careers suit us best.

Take Leo, for instance. The (lucky) people born between July 23 to August 22 are said to be warm-hearted, loyal, generous, brave, protective, emotional, and energizing (via AstroStyle). On the negative side, Leos can be arrogant, jealous, and overly dramatic. But if you give the Lion-born folks the space and praise they need and encourage them to lead wisely, they'll be your best friend, a loving mate, and a powerful force for good. It's never a bad thing to have a Leo in your corner.

Each of the 12 sun signs in the Western zodiac is said to have its own particular style and color palette. For instance, Virgos look and feel best in calming, earthy/airy tones such as peach, light blue, and gray, while stronger colors don't jibe with their earthy, practical nature. For Leos, on the other hand, just the opposite is true. Read on to learn which colors suit the noble Lion.

Leos were born to stand out in dramatic colors

Just as the lion rules the jungle (or, rather, the savannah), so people born under Leo are natural-born leaders. Even the shyer Leos (yes, they do exist) secretly crave attention and approval. One of the most obvious — and easiest — ways Leos like to make an impression is through their clothes. They like to be stylish, yet classy — save the weirdness for Aquarius. For them, quality is key. Leos gravitate toward luscious fabrics and well-made accessories (via Fabulous Over 40). 

Color is another way that Leos express themselves. True to their royal nature, they look amazing in warm, rich tones like eggplant purple, gold, red, orange, and yellow, according to Now Let's Get Going.  (Since Leo is ruled by the sun, it's no wonder that sunrise and sunset colors suit them so well.) They might also toss in an animal print or a splash of black for contrast. Naturally, Leos also adore gold jewelry and accents. 

Though it's hard to imagine anything looking bad on a Leo, Now Let's Get Going notes that they tend to look tired and washed-out in pale pastels or pure white. Think of Queen Elizabeth. She may be a Taurus by birth, but she has a lion's sense of style, and makes it a point to wear impeccably styled outfits in bright jewel-toned colors that make her stand out from the crowd. (We wouldn't be surprised if the queen has a lot of Leo influence in her chart!)