Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You're A Virgo

Sometimes, we just don't know as much about the world as we think we do, and that's okay! It just means we need to reconsider and readjust our mindsets on that topic. This is often the case with astrology. Some people don't understand it, and others don't want to understand it. But, at the end of the day, astrology is fun, and it aligns with something else that some folks don't quite understand: fashion.

Astrology and fashion actually intersect quite a lot. Your zodiac sign can determine how you should dress and how you best appear to the world just as it can determine so many other things. 

Let's focus on Virgos. Like all signs, Virgos have toxic traits, but they're also wholesome, thoughtful, and well-intentioned. Their drive makes them need to feel useful at all times, and this is coupled with their restless mind (via Costar Astrology). Virgos have new ideas constantly, but, because they're in their heads so much, they sometimes come off weirdly to other people. This is especially the case when they become judgemental. They don't typically mean to offend anyone, but, sometimes, hurtful things slip out because they're thinking too much.

Being a Virgo can potentially determine matters such as one's mental health, so why can't it help Virgos with their fashion?

For a Virgo, these colors encapsulate their complex personality

When it comes to fashion, Virgos have a very particular color palette and style that they often follow and that suits them best. Their color palette accentuates their traits, emboldening them to represent themselves fully through their clothes. It's hard to encapsulate an entire person in one outfit, but, by following this color palette, you're letting color theory do the work for you.

For a Virgo, a few colors remain steadily in rotation. These are black, peach, gray, and light blue, according to Now Let's Get Going. This palette highlights a Virgo's natural duality between their down-to-earth side and their head-in-the-clouds side. Peach and light blue moments lift their outfits from being exclusively dark, and when all of these colors are used in conjunction, a whole portrait of a Virgo's personality is displayed.

On the other side of the color wheel, Virgos should stray away from red, orange, and chartreuse. Virgos are naturally rather calm, and warm colors like red and orange would imply a feisty attitude that Virgos simply don't have. Chartreuse, too, doesn't mix well with their color palette because it clashes so much with peach and light blue.

If you're a Virgo and haven't been wearing the colors from your sign's palette, why not give them a try? Or, if you've been wearing red, orange, and/or chartreuse, why not opt for something different? You may feel like a whole new person!