What It Means If You Are Destiny Number 7

Your watch tells you a lot more than when lunch hour's ticking in; the numbers you encounter in your life can give you insight into your career, your purpose and relationships. Numerology is the mystical study of numbers that dates back to civilizations in Babylon, Greece, China and India, pioneered by a name you'll remember from Algebra 1. Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras combined science with energetic vibrations to create a system that allows numbers to guide your future (via the Daily Mail). That means you don't have to be a math person to understand numerology.

A particularly important number to note is your destiny number: a number derived from adding the digits of your birthdate. For example, if your birthdate is January 2, 2000, you would add 1+2+2+0+0+0 to get 5. Each destiny number corresponds to, you guessed it, your destiny or what motivates you in life. "Numerology is an awesome companion to astrology. It helps clarify the sign by providing additional nuance," Ophi Edut of AstroTwins told Allure. If you've calculated your destiny number (or someone else's), and it's 7, read on to find out more about yourself through numerology.

If you're number 7, you're analytical

According to numerologist Michelle Buchanan, sevens are acute problem-solvers who are constantly looking for solutions to the world and within themselves (via the Daily Mail). If you correspond sevens to what they mean astrologically, they're a mix between Virgo's analytical mind and Scorpio's curiosity for unseen knowledge (per Allure). This means that sevens find that sweet spot between the left brain's data-driven tendencies and the right brain's intuition and creativity.

Sevens need time alone, and some great jobs for this number include research, journalism or coding, which are all viable options for you, according to the Daily Mail. But you're prone to intellectualize everything, including your emotions, and it's important to remember your spiritual side needs to be tended to as well. Felicia Bender, author of "The Practical Numerologist," says that a surefire way to know you're not in alignment with your purpose is when you catch yourself becoming critical, obsessive or pessimistic (via AstroStyle). Advice for sevens: the key to your fulfillment is balancing the two sides of your personality. Meditate, journal and find ways to introspect when the real world becomes overwhelming or watch a documentary you usually wouldn't have to keep yourself curious.