How Princess Charlotte And Lady Louise Bonded Over The Summer

Everyone in the world knows who Princess Charlotte is — the second child and only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Fewer people are familiar with Lady Louise, who is the 17-year-old daughter of Prince Edward and his wife Sophie (via Town & Country). She is also Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter, and by some accounts, her favorite, according to British Heritage. Lady Louise is 13th in line to the British throne, so it's unlikely she will ever wear the crown, but the teen has served another very important role this past summer.

As Express reports, the daughter of the Queen's youngest son spent her summer at Balmoral, as is the tradition of royal family members (via Town & Country). With Charlotte only being 6 years old, and since William and Kate also have two other young children, Louise has reportedly been a mother's helper of sorts, and is developing quite a close relationship with the little princess (via Elle).

Indeed, a source said about the time at Balmoral, "Louise also endeared herself to everyone by looking after William and Kate's children when they were up here."

What Lady Louise does to keep Princess Charlotte busy

So how does Lady Louise keep her sweet charge busy while visiting the Scottish castle her grandmother holds so dear? As the source told Express, "Louise loves drawing and sketching and was very patiently trying to get Charlotte to do pictures of rabbits and deer." As Woman & Home notes, the drawings are inspired by the animals that are found at Balmoral.

Indeed, it was previously noted by British Heritage that Louise exhibits "obvious artistic skill." It seems she enjoyed sharing her talents with her cousin's daughter. Perhaps Charlotte returned the favor, and showed Louise how to practice her treasured hobby: gymnastics. As Hello! reports, the royal's favorite moves are handstands and cartwheels.

Charlotte is also said to love to dance, enjoying mastering both viral moves like flossing, and ballet, and has taken an interest in horses. Meanwhile, Louise is a very capable carriage driver, according to Town & Country.