If You're A Scorpio, Do This Workout Routine

Scorpios, born between October 23 and November 21, are mysterious, loyal, and ambitious, and they also love to work out. One of the best parts of moving regularly, for this type of person, is that it leads to keeping track of results and pushing to break goals, personal bests, and records.

The go-getter attitude for which this sign is known definitely helps in the physical fitness department. However, it can lead to an obsession and to one being too hard on themselves. This means that Scorpios also usually enjoy exercising by themselves (via Sun Signs), and in order to let go of the stress and struggles that are being pent up inside, they can turn to extreme activities.

Yes, workouts that are as intense as someone with this sign make for a healthy and stress-relieving outlet. Keep reading to learn some of the specific routines that work best for a Scorpio.

Scorpios need intense workouts that they can do by themselves

A Scorpio is someone who is determined and passionate, and those traits are definitely seen in their workout routines. A great idea for this sign, in particular, is to try out a new and exciting activity each day. For example, rock climbing, boxing, and power yoga are all solo activities that can push this type of person and help them set and reach goals, as stated by Sun Signs.

Scropio is a water sign, so Shape also suggests that Scorpios try out exercises in the pool, which use the resistance of water to work all of the muscle groups. Some more ideas to fit into this varied and extreme fitness routine are long-distance running and the good ol' Stairmaster, which will help someone with this sign work out aggression and work on that booty (via Astrology Zone)!

And there you have it: different workouts every day, which are all truly challenging, are perfect for those who enter the world between October 23 and November 21.