Everything You Need To Know About Using Dalmatian Stone

There's a crystal for just about everything. Take dalmatian stone — also known as dalmatian jasper — for instance. This type of rock resembles the coat of the classic dog breed with dark speckles atop a lighter-hued background. Fire Mountain Gems explains that, just like the beloved pet, the stone is said to help inspire feelings of playfulness and a turn towards the light-hearted. So, if you've been feeling heavy or weighed down by life, it may not be a bad idea to have dalmatian jasper on hand.

According to the Crystal Council, the black spots on the stone are actually quartz deposits and the variety mainly comes from the Chihuahua area of Mexico. Since crystals naturally bring in more Earthly energy, dalmatian jasper helps the wearer feel grounded and connected to mother Earth. The outlet also notes that the main properties from this stone involve your motivation levels. Charged with ions from the quartz, dalmatian jasper is said to help spur you in the direction of your dreams, giving you the motivation and self-confidence to make them happen.

Since it's a high-vibration stone, it will help raise your consciousness as well — giving you a bird's eye view of your life and what you would like out of it. Guiding your way forward, working with dalmatian jasper is a powerful way to gain clarity and let your heart call the shots.

Dalmatian jasper is a misnomer

Often referred to as dalmatian jasper, dalmatian stone actually isn't jasper at all. Fire Mountain Gems explains that it's a much softer rock than jasper and it has a combination of various minerals that makes up its polka-dot appearance. Since it's known for its creative-boosting properties, the Crystal Council recommends combining it with sacral chakra practices or meditations and various creative endeavors to keep your juices flowing.

Essentially, dalmatian stone helps you be yourself and feel unafraid to show it. It deals closely with self-expression and playfulness. Concordantly, dalmatian stone helps the wearer heal and connect with their inner child while clearing out the mind, Lily Rose Jewelry Company explains. Plus, since it has dark spots, it also helps protect against negative energy and transmutes it out of your space. Furthermore, these black tourmaline spots also defend against EMF radiation from electronic devices and help ground their frequencies.

You can find this type of crystal at your local metaphysical store, online or even in various forms of jewelry. Many people wear bracelets of their favorite stones to keep them close to them each day. But, before you work with dalmatian jasper, be sure you're ready to create the life of your dreams!