Here's What Nickelodeon Star Allie DiMeco Looks Like Today

In 2007, tweens automatically fell in love with members of "The Naked Brothers Band," a mockumentary following the careers of brother musicians, Nat and Alex, per The New York Times. And fans were instantly jealous or wished they could switch places with Nat Wolff's love interest, Rosalina, played by Allie DiMeco (via mn2s)

The show, which ran from 2007 to 2009, allowed DiMeco to showcase her musical abilities alongside Nat and Alex Wolff, as she plays bass, cello, and drums (per IMDb). By the time show ended its two-year run, the actress decided to take a break from acting to pursue higher education, according to US Weekly.

By the time she reappeared, the Connecticut-born actress and musician swapped belted shirts, layered shirts, and other early 2000 style trends for a more grown-up look. The model uses her Instagram page to show off cute bikinis and show fans she's all grown up.

Allie is stunning

Allie DiMeco turned heads when she made a comeback to the small screen. No longer a teen, DiMeco stepped away from acting to attend college but returned to TV at age 26 when she starred in the "Temptation Island" reboot, according to US Weekly. Fans did a double-take when they realized DiMeco was that same actress from the Nickelodeon hit show, "The Naked Brothers Band."

She now stars in dating shows as she searches for a significant other. To date, DiMeco has been on "Temptation Island," and "Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love" (via mn2s).

When she is not searching for love on reality TV, DiMeco uses her social media platform to bring awareness to causes and showcases clothing she sells on her shop. According to her shop's bio, DiMeco donates 10% of each sale to a nonprofit of the buyer's choice. Beautiful and philanthropic, what's not to love about this actress?

And because we love a strong woman who is all about self-love and confidence, it's easy to get lost in DiMeco's social posts which dish up some sass, and inspiration. She writes, "Okay, can't lie, was nervous to post these pics unedited because mama got a little bottom heavy, but it is what it is. I love my body and proud of these imperfections. Bring on the thunder baby. Oh, and I made this jacket."

DiMeco is all grown up and fierce as ever.