What We Know About Temptation Island Season 4

Now that it's been a few months since "Temptation Island" Season 3 ended, fans of the USA Network show are eager to know when Season 4 will premiere. What sets this series apart from other "island" reality shows, like "Love Island" and "Bachelor in Paradise," is that "Temptation Island" has different couples flown to Hawaii where they put their relationship to the test by being surrounded by "hot singles" (via Vox). The current series is actually a revival of the FOX version of "Temptation Island" from the early 2000s. 

While the couples each season are different, viewers of the show can expect to see the series' host, Mark L. Walberg, and tons of drama with each new season. Last year, production on Season 3 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Variety. Production was initially set to start in March in Maui, but was pushed back to the summer for a February 16, 2021, premiere date (via Screen Rant). If the Banijay Group, who produces the series, sticks to this same production schedule, fans may have to wait a bit for Season 4 to premiere.

Casting is still ongoing but new episodes may come in October or early next year

While nothing has been officially announced by USA Network, Screen Rant reports that work has already begun on Season 4 of "Temptation Island." Casting was reportedly underway back in May 2021, but is still up on the USA Network website for both couples and singles. Originally, there was only a "six-month gap" between Season 1 ending and the beginning of Season 2, according to Bustle. However, the coronavirus pandemic drastically pushed things back for the most recent season. With the Delta variant causing delays in other productions, like "Love Island," Season 4 could be pushed back significantly as well (via Yahoo!). 

It could be that fans of the show could get new episodes as early as October, according to Bustle, or they'll have to wait till February 2022, which is what Screen Rant predicts. Whatever the case, fans can rest easy knowing that things are moving forward and new episodes are on the way. 

Host Mark L. Walberg will most likely be back for the fourth season.

Each new season of "Temptation Island" puts four different couples to the test with various challenges to see how committed they are to each other. With a batch of "hot singles" thrown in the mix, drama ensues. By the end of the season, couples either walk away for good or end up stronger than ever. Since we know casting is still underway and open on the USA Network website, not much is known about who will be on Season 4 of the series right now. 

If you're applying as a single, the application states that they are "seeking attractive, outgoing, and successful men and women" over the age of 21 to be "treated to an all-expense-paid luxurious tropical vacation" (via Casting Crane). For the couples, Casting Crane is looking for anyone over 21 in a "committed relationship, but NOT married or engaged" who will get to enjoy a "four-week luxury vacation in a tropical paradise." While the contestants are still TBD, Elle reports that the show's host, Mark L. Walberg, will most likely be back for the fourth season. 

Three of the four relationships from Season 3 seem to be in a good place

The point of "Temptation Island" is to put committed couples to the test. Even if a couple manages to make it off "Temptation Island" together, things may have changed since the series ended. If you want to know where the couples of Season 3 stand today, according to the Daily Metro, only one has called it quits — and it's no surprise. By the end of the series, Erica had decided to walk away from her partner, Kendal, after it was revealed he had something going on with Alexcys. After Alexcys found out he only picked her after Erica rejected him, she "ghosted" him as well. 

Out of the remaining three couples, wedding bells are in the near future for Kristen and Julian who got engaged at the end of Season 3 (via Us Weekly). They even have a July 24, 2022, date set. The other two couples, while together, seem to be a little rocky after their time on "Temptation Island." Chelsea even thought she was going to be "leaving alone" when she walked into that last bonfire, but she and her partner, Tom, are working it out. 

It may be a surprise that Erin and Corey are still a thing after it was revealed that Erin wanted to walk away. However, the Daily Metro reported that Corey wrote on Instagram following the finale that the couple's "journey continues."