All The Places You're Forgetting To Put On Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen should be an essential step in your daily routine. Regardless of whether you're sitting outside in the sunshine or you're hunkering down indoors, sunscreen is a crucial aspect of any skincare regimen. According to dermatologists, sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer as well as premature aging, per Johns Hopkins Medicine. The type of SPF you select depends on your preference and risk factors, but sunscreen is recommended for everyone encountering UV rays.

If you've already adopted sunscreen into your skincare arsenal, you may believe you're safe to step outside as soon as you've dabbed some across your face and arms. Though this is a good start, you're likely forgetting about several key places requiring skin protection. Most people forget about these six common spots when applying sunscreen in the morning, but once you've learned them, you'll never forget to cover up again! In doing so, you'll reduce your risk of developing skin cancer by as much as 50% (per the Skin Cancer Foundation).

Keep reading to find out where you should be applying sunscreen every single day.

Apply sunscreen to these six places every day

In addition to applying sunscreen to your face and arms, you should spend time covering these six important areas to maximize your protection. First up are your ears, as they often get more sun than you might think. If you're out and about without a hat, you're leaving your ears exposed to UV rays in the process. Even if you don't get a sunburn on your ears, they still need a generous dab of sun lotion daily (via Everyday Health).

Once you've covered your ears, be sure to apply sunscreen to your scalp, eyelids, lips, neck, chest, and feet. If you're wearing shoes that completely cover your feet, simply apply the SPF of your choosing to your legs and ankles. Otherwise, you'll want to apply sunscreen to the top of your feet to prevent burning. 

In terms of protecting your lips, you don't need to apply sun lotion directly to them. Instead, invest in a lip balm with SPF, like Sun Bum or Blistex, and apply generously, per Prevention. For all other areas, apply SPF 15 or higher, and be sure to reapply throughout the day as needed (per Everyday Health).