If You're A Virgo, Do This Workout Routine

Astrology can tell a person a lot of things about themselves, and on the road to self-discovery, what better way to show your body some love than with a workout routine that aligns with your zodiac sign? If you didn't already know, Virgo season is coming up starting on August 22nd through September 22nd (via Refinery 29).

According to Allure, this zodiac sign is often represented by "the goddess of wheat and agriculture" which demonstrates Virgos' grounded energy. They are into reasoning and see life through a rational, objective lens. For Virgos, rules are the name of the game, making them super reliable friends who can help figure out life's hurdles without sweating all of the small stuff. We can think of a few celebrities who embody the hard-working Virgo personality traits. If this sounds all too familiar and you're getting ready to celebrate a birthday soon, we've rounded up some of the best workouts fit for the earth sign of the astrological word.

A solo workout is best for the independent Virgo

As some of the most fiercely independent signs in the zodiac, Virgos thrive off of workout activities where they can perfect their technique. If team sports aren't your thing, Byrdie suggests that tennis can be a fantastic fit for burning off some steam since it's all about strategy and figuring out your opponent. Precision is key in tennis and making quick yet calculated decisions which can be up Virgos' alley.

Another workout that may be worth trying is something with more structure, like a pilates class. The workout designed by Joseph Pilates dates back to the early 20th century and focuses on utilizing core muscles to improve flexibility and posture, as stated by Well and Good. For something that includes a spiritual component, yoga can be an excellent option for Virgos. Not only does it give you a chance to focus on your breath work, but the meditations incorporated in yoga can also help calm a busy mind which is something Virgos struggle with (via The Talko).

No matter what workout you choose, one thing is for sure — Virgos can bring the discipline and determination needed to stick with a routine in a way that no other zodiac sign can!