What POV Means On TikTok

Whether you're hooked on Book Tok giving you the hottest literature recommendations, you know all of the latest dance trends, or you just turn to TikTok to watch some good, old-fashioned prank videos, there's generally a TikTok trend for everyone. Over the last few years, TikTok has blown up and PopBuzz explained that as more people have started to use the app, a new language has sprung up to describe the different types of videos. So, here's what POV means on TikTok. Vice outlined that it could be one of the video platform's most inclusive and expansive trends.

From 'finna' to 'sheesh,' the more TikTok you watch, the more you pick up the lingo. But as far as TikTok slang goes, POV is a pretty easy abbreviation to understand. Make Use Of explained that just like in normal life, POV videos stand for point of view. Generally, POV clips tend to deal with real-life scenarios in real-time so the viewer feels like they're right there in the room with the creator.

Some of the funnier POV videos highlight just how strict some creator's parents are, expose seriously relatable stereotypes, or demonstrate how talented (and slightly creepy) some creators are. And Vice wrote that it might be the most accessible trend to follow.

How to make a POV TikTok

Make Use Of explained that POV videos are generally popular because they're personable, sometimes vulnerable, and make viewers feel like they're getting a small glimpse into some of their favorite creators' real lives.

TikToker @porrinate, also known as Adam, told Motherboard, "I think it makes it very personal to the viewer, because the video is through their eyes." Vice noted that Adam has created POV videos and he said he gets his inspiration from seriously relatable sources.

"I took it from my own experience, which was like, I didn't get to eat that much in high school — and if I did, it was from somebody else," he said. "So I would always feel like, people need to be more generous, especially towards those who are really struggling."

While some POV videos may reflect your everyday life, others are more farfetched. ABC outlined that there's a trend for videos to be created from the point of view of historic or literary characters. They may explore fictional scenarios (like a murder) or creators explore what it would be like to be the child of a Greek God (niche). Either way, POV videos don't necessarily require creators to be able to dance or tell great jokes. All the viewer needs is a good imagination and the ability to put themselves in the shoes of just about anyone.