How To Open Your Throat Chakra

Have you been feeling misunderstood lately? Did you mean to send that incriminating text to someone else? It could be that time of the month when Mercury goes into retrograde. Or it could be your blocked throat chakra. According to Ayurveda, an ancient practice of medicine in India, we are all beings filled with energetic vibrations. This energy is visualized in the form of "chakras," a word that translates to "wheel" in Sanksrit (via Chopra). The seven chakras begin from the root (at the base of your spine) to the crown (at the top of your head).

Our throat chakra lies within... you guessed it, the throat. Also known as the Vishuddha Chakra, or purifying chakra, the throat chakra detoxes you of impurities and controls effective communication (via Arhanta Yoga Ashrams). So, if you feel like you're saying all the wrong things, maybe it's time to unblock your throat chakra. Read on to know how.

You can feel misunderstood when your throat chakra is imbalanced

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra in our system of chakras and it is important to keep the energy balanced in all so that the flow isn't interrupted. You'll know you have a blocked throat chakra when you can't remember what you wanted to talk about, you begin describing things negatively, you hesitate to express emotions and when you do – you feel misunderstood (via Arhanta Yoga). Reiki healer and astrologer Ambi Kavanagh also told Well+Good, "Signs of an overactive throat chakra include talking too much, being overly domineering in conversations, and being overly critical or judgmental of others."

According to naturopathic doctor Erica Matluck, adding to (or creating) your yoga routine would help (via Mind Body Green). She suggests doing the cat-cow pose but also says that you can unblock it by communicating with intention. You can also use healing crystals while meditating to align your energy with the crystal. But make sure the color of the stone is blue as it would synchronize with the color of the throat chakra energy. Kavanagh suggests crystals like lapis lazuli, aquamarine and kyanite. If you're feeling unbalanced still, check out this guide to balancing your chakras.