The Secret To Looking Less Tired

"You look tired." Three little words nobody wants to hear. Even if we maybe are tired, we don't want to look like it. Researchers at the University of Stockholm found that looking tired also means you appear less healthy and less attractive (from The Atlantic). The telltale signs the researchers found signaled tiredness include swollen and red eyes, dark circles under the eyes, pallor, and more fine lines compared to those who were well-rested.

The reason tiredness shows so clearly on our faces? "When you get less sleep, you affect your skin's pH levels, which lowers the moisture level and depletes your natural glow," dermatopathologist Gretchen Frieling told Real Simple.

The obvious way to look less tired would be to get more sleep, but sometimes you can't get a full night's rest, so you have to fake it. Fake a full night of beauty sleep by combatting those visual signals of tiredness on your face with these tricks.

Ice rolling and vitamin C can help hide how tired you are

You can combat puffiness caused by not enough sleep with ice. Chanel makeup artist Zoë Taylor recommends an ice massage for your face if you're looking tired. Using ice "tightens skin and reduces redness especially around the eye area" (via Hello!). If you don't want to deal with dripping ice cubes, you can use ice globes or ice rollers. Store them in your refrigerator, pull them out in the morning, and apply for five to 15 minutes. If you want to combine your self-care with some sparkle, My Faceé makes ice globes with glitter in them as well as a skincare fridge you can store them in.

And to counteract dull, tired-looking skin, try using a cleanser, cream, or serum that contains vitamin C. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C will give you brightened skin, and it also helps lessen the appearance of fine lines (from Fleur & Bee). Sometimes, vitamin C can be irritating for those with sensitive skin, so start with using it just two to three times a week, according to Harper's Bazaar. The most gentle form of vitamin C in skincare is sodium ascorbyl phosphate, and it's the active ingredient in Fleur & Bee's Nectar of the C.

Hydrate under your eyes with eye masks and patches

Using an under eye mask or patch can help tackle dark circles and fine lines. Look out for something that is specifically made for under your eyes: "The skin is very thin — 40 percent thinner than the rest of the skin on the face to be exact," board-certified dermatologist Dendy Engelman told NBC News. Because of that thinner skin, "eyes are the first area we see the signs of aging," said Engelman.

Eye masks work by delivering focused hydration to the skin, diminishing puffiness and dark circles (via Harper's Bazaar). The eye masks by Loops Beauty have niacinamide, hydrating pearl extract, and retinol. When you're done using them, you can compost them.

You can also use makeup to hide the fact that you stayed up too late. Put your favorite eye cream on, and before it's fully dry, layer some tinted moisturizer on top before adding any other makeup. Then use a peach-toned concealer under your eyes to counteract the blues of any dark circles (via The Healthy). You can also help fake a glow to your skin with highlighter (via Urban Company).