Try These Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner For Longer

Cleaning your bathroom is likely at the bottom of your list of favorite things to do. After you get the scrubbing materials out, it's even more irritating to see streaks at the bottom of the tub yet again. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to prolong your clean once and for all, leaving you with more time for your enjoyable activities.

Good Housekeeping recommends keeping a sponge or cloth in the shower to dry the area after you're done rinsing off. By minimizing excess moisture, you can keep mold and mildew at bay for longer. Of course, keeping the fan going during your showers and quickly opening the doors and windows once you're done can also help aerate the space to keep it less prone to build up. Furthermore, you may want to look for a long-lasting cleaning agent such as a toilet bowl cleaner that gets to work every time you flush. Look for protective products that fight mold and mildew build-up in your shower so you can use them less frequently.

For instance, some brands offer a daily shower cleaner that you simply spray on after your rinse. Instead of having to scrub every few days, this helps keep your space squeaky clean for much longer. The outlet also suggests keeping disinfecting wipes underneath the sink for easy access to a quick wipe down.

Try a daily routine for your bathroom

When it comes to cleaning, there's a classic trade-off to choose between. You can clean for longer less frequently, or do a more regular routine that takes a few minutes. You may have to make that choice when it comes to your bathroom. HGTV suggests doing a three-minute routine every day that involves clearing clutter and wiping down all surfaces in the room.

Once a week, grab a rag or washcloth and wipe down the surface of your shower. By keeping up on a weekly basis with a light clean, you can avoid a full-on scrub session down the road. In a similar vein, consider wiping off toothpaste and other spots on your sink as they happen. After you rinse, grab a washcloth and wipe off the surface of the space to avoid a bigger build-up over time. The same idea rings true here: clean it as it happens to avoid a time-intensive project later.

But, perhaps the handiest trick comes alongside your use of dryer sheets. The outlet suggests keeping them on hand in the bathroom to do a quick clean of your floorboards by running them over once a week. Quickly collecting lint, this process will help you avoid dirty-looking floorboards and a build-up of debris. You can also use these on the floor after you blow-dry or style your hair for a quick clean-up as well.

With a few tools at your disposal, your bathroom can go from your least favorite place to clean to the one that never needs special attention. Just stick with your schedule and do a little each day to avoid the hours-long slog.