What It Means If You Are Destiny Number 9

One thing we all long for, as human beings, is a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we fit into this crazy world we inhabit. We may well gain such insight through taking personality quizzes, though preferably of the Myers-Briggs type as opposed to the just-for-fun "what kind of ice cream flavor would you be?" variety. Other techniques we can turn to in order to learn more about ourselves include the study of astrology, palmistry, and numerology.

While numbers may not seem terribly mystical, particularly if you harbor unpleasant memories of every math class you were forced to take from kindergarten on, they are intertwined with every aspect of our lives. Some numbers just seem to recur by chance, perhaps in our phone numbers, license plates, street addresses, and social security numbers, or perhaps we keep seeing them on billboards, receipts, or even in cloud formations. If the numbers that randomly pop up over and over again have three digits, they may be angel numbers, which are messages sent by the universe to help guide us or serve as affirmations. (The universe always likes to keep things positive.) A destiny number, on the other hand, is usually just a single digit, although Allure says 11 and 22 can be double-digit destiny numbers. Destiny numbers aren't just random recurrences, but are as personal to us as our own names.

So what makes 9 your destiny number?

Your destiny number is, in fact, based on the letters in your name. While names may change over the course of a lifetime due to adoption, marriage, or personal choice, destiny numbers are usually calculated by the name given to you at birth. If you identify much more strongly with a later version of your name, though, it could be that you've taken your destiny, as well as your name choice, into your own hands.

As to how you calculate your destiny number, Allure tells us that each letter of the alphabet has its own numerical value: A, J, and S = 1; B, K, and T = 2; C, L, and U = 3; D, M, and V = 4; E, N, and W = 5; F, O, and X = 6; G, P, and Y = 7; H, Q, and Z = 8; and I and R = 9. If your name is Alia Kane, you'd add up 1+3+9+1+2+1+5+5. The total of these numbers adds up to 27, so you'd reduce this to a single digit by adding the 2 and the 7, arriving at 9. If your destiny number should happen to converge with your life path number, which is calculated by adding up the numerals in your birth date, then you're a double 9! If your destiny and life path numbers diverge, though, you'll likely have a character influenced by both numbers.

Destiny number 9 is a lover of all mankind

Above all, 9s are idealistic. They are always thinking about other people, and can be among the most altruistic of all the destiny numbers. According to The Secret of Tarot, the number 9 has a feminine as opposed to a masculine energy, meaning they are naturally inclined to be caring and understanding. They do say that 9s may tend to be reluctant to assert themselves to the point of stepping into a strong leadership role, but go on to explain that this number is able to step up to the plate and lead when necessary. In fact, someone with a destiny number 9 is likely to do a great job leading others, no matter how reluctantly they took on this obligation.

While 9s are very spiritual, they are more intellectual than emotional, meaning they follow their heads instead of their hearts. The numeral 9 is an upside-down 6, and 9s, in some ways, are the flip side of those whose destiny number is 6. Sixes, too, are all about loving others, but 6s tend to keep things close to home and devote themselves to making their nearest and dearest ones as happy as they can. (Kind of like people born under the sign of Cancer.) On the other hand, 9s take a more global approach. They're able to feel love for everyone on the planet, and are known for being accepting and tolerant of all people regardless of cultural or ideological differences. (They're more like Aquarians in this sense.)

It's not always easy having destiny number 9

As numerologist Matt Beech explains, destiny number 9 can have its downside. Having such lofty goals can lead to being easily disappointed. No matter how much affection you have for humanity as a whole, on a planet crowded with however many billion there are of us at present, it's not much of a stretch to realize that some of these lovely folks are going to let you down sooner or later. Number 9s want so badly to believe the best of everyone that sometimes less enlightened souls find them easy prey and may take advantage of them. Once 9s realize they've been had, they may well start to feel depressed about how the world is failing to live up to their expectations.

Also, 9s can be difficult to live with at times. They can be impatient when the rest of the world doesn't get on board with their program du jour, and their strong beliefs can sometimes lend them a certain rigidity and unwillingness to put up with what they consider to be others' foolishness. Yet another issue with 9s stems from what The Secret of Tarot described as their somewhat detached approach to affection. While they're full of universal love, they're not really the huggy type and may even come across as cold and detached. If you're looking for the full hearts and flowers romantic treatment, a relationship with a 9 might not work out too well.

These celebrities share a destiny number of 9

Perhaps one of the most prominent figures to have 9 as a destiny number is a man whose very name is a synonym for genius: Albert Einstein. His name, translated into numerals, is 1+3+2+5+9+2+5+9+5+1+2+5+9=5, and if you add those digits you get 63. 6+3=9, and if there was ever a person who embodies all the characteristics of a destiny number 9, that would be the German-born scientist widely hailed as the father of modern physics. Not only was Einstein possibly the most intelligent person to ever walk the earth, but he was also known for his high ideals and for his humanitarianism. While he could be somewhat of an absent-minded professor, that's because his mind was always on higher things, dreaming up concepts meant to benefit all humankind.

Celebrities Galore also lists several more contemporary celebs whose destiny number is 9. Among these names, we weren't surprised to see that of Kobe Bryant, a man who was known for his big heart as well as his mad hoop skills. Actress Emma Watson, of course, could only be a 9. She's not only got beauty, brains, and talent, but she's put her fame to good use by serving as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador as well as promoting fair trade and education for girls in rural Africa.