If You're A Taurus, Do This Self-Care Routine

Ah, self-care. A buzzword that recalls oat milk lattes, cozy knit loungewear, glow-promising sheet masks, fuzzy slippers, and DIY sugar scrubs. While caring for your mind, body, and soul is crucial to staying sane, and we all need much-deserved TLC, self-care sometimes gets a bad rep. NPR delves into the phenomenon, likening it to millennials' obsession with artisanal coffee, avocado toast, and Harry Potter, which other generations can even see as "snowflake" behavior. 

But, in reality, self-care has been around since Cleopatra made her own perfume out of myrrh, cardamom, olive oil, and cinnamon (via Smithsonian). Treating yourself is actually an act of emotional intelligence. As feminist and civil rights writer Audre Lorde once declared (via NPR): "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare." And whether you work on yourself from the inside out or just cook yourself a great meal, it's all about self-love.

Tauruses were practically made for self-care. As explained by Allure, this earth sign is all about enjoying what the natural world has to offer, basking in the sunlight and eating foods right from the soil — as expected from the zodiac's bull sign. Tauruses "enjoy relaxing in serene, bucolic environments, surrounded by soft sounds, soothing aromas, and succulent flavors." Inherently cottagecore, nature-loving Tauruses love participating in all forms of spirit-centering self-care, but there are a few rituals they'll particularly enjoy. 

Here is the absolute best self-care routine for Taurus, the earthiest sign of the zodiac.

First up, it's all about cooking

If you're a Taurus looking for your perfect self-care routine, try your own kitchen. While other signs are more about laying out by a pool or getting a five-star massage (looking at you, Leos), Tauruses enjoy putting in the work to create something amazing. The sign finds relaxation in DIY projects, seeing handiwork as a therapeutic activity. While staring mindlessly at their phone or their television can give them anxiety, Tauruses deeply enjoy working with natural materials, getting in touch with the earth, and feeling like they made something beautiful — especially a farm-to-table dinner.

It's no wonder Tauruses have an appreciation for the finer things in life: They are ruled by Venus, governing love and beauty (via Allure). But, unlike their planetary sister, airy-as-can-be Libra, Tauruses are all about the earth. They're not likely to get excited about visiting stark museums, Michelin-star restaurants, or luxe boutiques; they'd much rather create experiences themselves. 

The most sensual sign of the zodiac, Tauruses are happiest cutting up fresh vegetables and making a hearty, nutritious meal with spices, herbs, and lots of creativity. "Enchanted by any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury," Tauruses believe in the power of a good meal made with love. Plus, as "great long-term friends and partners, always being there for people they love" (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), Tauruses are happiest when cooking for those they care for the most.

Gardening puts you in touch with nature

It's little surprise that Tauruses take well to gardening: The possibility of pulling Earth's creations out of the soil is all this sign could ever ask for. But the process is the most gratifying part for this hard-working sign. "Taureans aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard to earn big rewards," per Allure

While this translates to being business-savvy and knowing "the value of a dollar," it also applies to Tauruses' patient green thumb. This sign's "ambitious, focused, and resilient" personality means they get a serious kick out of putting in a little bit of effort every day to make something beautiful. Gardening isn't simply calming for them — just like "steadily putting money into a savings account," a Taurus favorite. Shearing and pruning plants make this sign feel energized and complete.

There's no doubt that as "an effective way to relieve stress," gardening can work as a soothing activity for many of us (via Very Well Mind). But this form of self-care particularly appeals to grounded Tauruses who "are the human equivalent of moss" and are all about "sitting in a patch of grass admiring the breeze" (via Co-Star). Tauruses will adore learning new "practical knowledge and experience" while tending to their garden and will derive serious satisfaction from learning a survival skill. This tactile sign will take pleasure in pulling out weeds and sifting through dirt, and their stubbornness and commitment mean a Taurus won't quit until their garden is thriving.

Painting will soothe creative Tauruses

When you're not picking vegetables or making a mean ratatouille out of them in the kitchen, creating your own still life paintings can be just as therapeutic. As we know, Taurus signs are all about making something with their own hands, and if they're not getting covered in dirt, paint is a great alternative. As excellent artists (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), bull signs will find peace in sketching out their favorite landscapes. Even "when everything else seems to be falling apart," you can keep your "oasis of calm" intact by taking brush to canvas (via Co-Star) — extra points if you paint in a room full of plants.

Even if you think you're not artistically inclined enough to sit in front of an easel, this self-care ritual isn't about how epic your painting looks (although it might be incredible!). Yes, Tauruses are notoriously results-driven and are "all about return on investment" (via Allure), but when it comes to an activity made for relaxing, you can let that slide for once. No pressure!

And, if we know Tauruses, we know they're "ready to endure and stick to their choices" (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), so you'll love learning new techniques and making it your new hobby. With a year full of money moves and lots of business opportunities (via Allure), painting can be a way to forget about your serious work and indulge the right side of your brain for a while.

When in doubt, a bath is perfect

So we've summed up the fact that Tauruses like getting their hands dirty, at least when rolling out a floured pie or bringing on the acrylic paints. So it's no wonder they're the quintessential bath-loving sign of the zodiac when it comes to getting clean. Allure explains, "In their perfect world, Taureans would spend all day bathing in a tub overflowing with essential oils." 

Sure, Tauruses are the workhorses of the zodiac, with their tendency to embody stability, be a rock of dependability, and love routine above all else (via Co-Star). But Tauruses' workaholic tendencies are exactly what drive them to revel in peace and tranquility so much: Their fast-paced brains can finally be blank for once. Moreover, although they're not water signs, Tauruses do love nature, and being submerged in water connects them to the element.

If you're a Taurus, your day-to-day drill is probably set in stone: from your to-the-tee oat milk latte to your exercise routine (48 minutes and 5.5 reps of crunches, but who's counting?) to your A-game work strategy. So your most rebellious, fiercest form of self-care is all about breaking with your obsession with consistency and your infamous groove (via Costar). Skip that outdoor workout routine for one day and take an hour-long bubble bath instead. Fill it with calming essential oils like lavender and rose, and grab that book you've been meaning to crack open.

Try some healing crystals

It's little wonder that Tauruses are the quintessential zodiac sign for healing crystals. Stones mined directly from the earth with "healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul" (via Healthline), crystals like amethyst and tiger's eye bring Tauruses back to their natural selves. 

Apart from helping this sign connect to the earth, crystals can help Tauruses slow down and be open to change. As per Co-Star, this sign gravitates toward its comfort zone, and it is "difficult for them to get out of it." Loving predictability, bull signs are happiest "eating the same meal over and over, or wearing the same outfit for a week straight." But a bit of moonstone or tourmaline can change that: As per Healthline, crystals are "thought to promote the flow of good energy" and can kindle openness to trying new things.

Sometimes, Tauruses can be hard on themselves, overworking to the point of being like a machine (via Co-Star). Even though you think you never feel fatigued and are perfectly fine with your packed schedule, you might be more mentally exhausted than you think. A stone like grounding turquoise can become your calming amulet, perfect for meditation sessions after outdoor yoga. Plus, since this sign is "enchanted by any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury," Tauruses are magnetically attracted to the sheer beauty of crystals. Take in the protective powers of obsidian as you meditate, or try out a rose quartz face roller or jade gua sha for your next soothing at-home spa session.

Go on a soul-nurturing hike

When in doubt, go for the epitome of a Taurus-approved self-care session: the all-powerful hike. It's no secret this sign is committed to staying the course and achieving their goals, so hikes work as the perfect outlet for them. 

Getting to the end of an arduous hike will give Tauruses a sense of achievement and pride, this sign's absolute favorite feeling. Bull signs are "overly determined to achieve" all kinds of success, and "once they decide they like something, they go all in" (via Co-Star). While that ambition is seriously commendable, it can lead to stress and anxiety. That's where über-challenging hikes come in: Tauruses can finally burn up all that extra energy and desire to win while breathing fresh air and taking in nature's beauty.

Apart from the rewarding high of getting to the finish line, hiking trails can serve as Tauruses' much-needed thinking space. As per Allure, you're usually brimming with energy, self-confidence, and boldness but, sometimes, can lose sight of all you have to offer. Stop putting self-care on the back burner, and use calming hikes to think about what makes you feel happy and alive. Work, familial challenges, relationships, and life's difficulties will all add stress and pressure, but giving yourself positive affirmations while walking around a gorgeous landscape will center you. As a bull, you're usually a grounding presence for those around you. So, now, "relax and enjoy the fruits of your emotional labor" (via Allure).

Knitting is perfect for creative, diligent Tauruses

Remember how Tauruses love a good DIY? This sign would much rather stay in with their partner for a gnocchi night than venture out to a fancy restaurant and will take a fun pottery class over a cold museum any day. Well, the same goes for fashion: Just like style-forward Libras, Tauruses are ruled by Venus and have a true appreciation for beauty and aesthetics (via Allure). 

But, while Libras gravitate toward expensive items and luxury experiences, Tauruses prefer to stare out into a creamsicle-colored sunset, marvel at the taste of in-season strawberries, or wear clothing they've made themselves. For a Taurus, a designer label will never mean as much as putting in the hard work to make something beautiful, so knitting is right up their alley.

Bull signs will love the feeling of satisfaction after making a cardigan, scarf, or gloves and will revel in learning a new skill. Sure, Tauruses love a good bubble bath, massage, or sauna break, but this sign's best self-care strategy combines relaxation with productivity. It's just how you roll! Try knitting and get lost in the "knit one, purl one" rhythm, forgetting about your stressful responsibilities and simply thinking about getting to the next row. Not just a meditation session, knitting will highlight your patient and steady streak (via Co-Star) while giving you something to feel truly proud about once you're done. Plus, loyal Taurus signs will love being able to knit something for their loved ones.