If You're A Scorpio, Do This Self-Care Routine

Self-care is so important. We get tired, stressed out, and run down, and we need to focus on ourselves and our mental health in order to be able to live our best lives. While any and all forms of self-care can be appreciated, there are certain routines a Scorpio should keep in mind.

First of all, as a water sign, we have lots of emotions ... emotions we usually like to keep hidden away from the world. A good way to let this all out is through journaling. This creative form of self-expression can help us clarify thoughts, decrease anxiety, solve problems, and know ourselves better, as stated by PsychCentral.

For a more intense form of self-care, try boxing. Scorpios love competition, whether they are battling it out in the ring or working to beat their own records. More of that pent-up emotion can be worked off with this activity, all while burning some calories.

A good self-care routine can help a Scorpio feel better

As a very intuitive sign, a Scorpio may want to add some "spiritual hygiene" into their routine. Through the use of sage or herbs such as lemon balm, rosemary, and myrrh, you can cleanse your space — and your life of negativity (via Vogue).

This sign is also known for being quite sexual, and let's be real: Doing the deed is a great way to ground you, distract you, and relax you!

Another hobby that can be enjoyed by Scorpios is reading, and some benefits include strengthening the brain and fighting off depression, as reported by Healthline.

Scorpios are known for being loyal and determined, meaning we put a lot of energy into the relationships with those closest to us and into reaching our goals (whether they be at work, in our exercise routines, or personal projects). Therefore, it is extra important for us to remember to take time for ourselves.