What 'Living Rent Free In One's Mind' Means On TikTok

Today's generation is so quick to come up with new words and slang. From celebrities to influencers, people are constantly finding new ways to describe people, places, and things. Everyone loves to come up with their own vocabulary and their own little world, but with social media, it takes off like wild fire. Back in the day, friends may have had their own language between themselves. Now, with Instagram, TikTok, and every other social media platform out there, new slang and language catches on so fast, it makes all of our heads spin. 

When we hear our friends saying phrases and words we have never heard before, it's definitely confusing. And then, when celebrities start picking up on it, we hear it even more (via USA Today). Then, before we know it, it's popping up on television, movies, and even in our books. Fortunately, before you feel too lost in the lingo of today, we're going to help you navigate the new-world slang.

'Living rent free' is the latest in TikTok language

TikTok really has brought so many things into our lives. From life hacks we never knew we needed to recipes and even clothing unboxing, the video sharing app has been a game changer for everyone. One thing it surely does for us all is help us learn and understand the new low down on the slang that Gen-Z is using every day. Recently, one of the phrases that everyone uses is "living rent free in my mind." People will talk about videos, memes, people, movies, and songs that "live rent free in their mind." But what exactly does it mean? 

Essentially, if someone says that something lives rent free in their mind, it means that they think about it so much, it basically lives there — rent free (via My News Desk). Think of that thing as a squatter, living there without having to pay the monthly rent to do so. It could mean that the person is annoyed that they can't stop thinking about a subject, but either way, it's totally there. 

Now wondering what it means won't live rent free in your mind!