What Kelly Osbourne Really Looks Like Underneath All That Makeup

Kelly Osbourne, the glamorous daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne is known for her alternative look. Whether her purple locks are cut into a stylish mohawk or she's rocking bright red lipstick, Osbourne has a signature look that is uniquely hers (per Daily Mail).

Recently, the English singer, actor, model, and fashion designer lost 85 pounds and has been posting full-glam photos in celebration (via Page Six). While Osbourne has had a total transformation, one thing has stayed the same: her signature purple locks and glamorous makeup.

Osbourne loves makeup so much that she teamed up with her mom and MAC Cosmetics for an exclusive Osbourne collection back in 2014. According to PopSugar, the collection features Osbourne's favorite color, a pastel lilac, as well as nude and red lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes in her signature color palette.

With such a love for makeup, you'd expect Osbourne to always be wearing it. However, she's famous for embracing her natural face, per Bustle. Here is what she looks like under her makeup!

She's had a major transformation

Kelly Osbourne is not afraid to post a no-makeup selfie on her Instagram account. Sure, there are many photos of her in full glam, but she is one of the many celebrities who are embracing their natural face. In a post on her Instagram story, Osbourne rocked a messy bun and glasses with the caption, "I never thought I would say this but I'm starting to like the way I look without makeup on even better!" (via Hello Magazine).

Between her weight loss and natural selfie posts, fans have begun assuming Osbourne had plastic surgery. However, Osbourne quickly shot those comments down. She took to Instagram while getting her makeup done, stating in a video (via Today), "I'm always really honest and really upfront about what I've done to my body and who I am, and I have not had plastic surgery. I've never done anything to my face other than a couple of injections in my lips, in my jaw and in my forehead here. I do not lie but thank you for the compliment." 

Whether she had surgery or not, or wears makeup or not, Osbourne looks gorgeous!