The Truth About Whether Or Not Feathered Hair Is Back In Style

Feathered hair was unavoidable in the '70s, but in a good way. With lots of voluminous layers and flips, this elegant hairstyle frames the face in a highly flattering manner. The 'do itself involves a hairdresser chopping off layers in bulk to reveal a soft, chic shape, per WhoWhatWear. It also requires much skill to perfect, so if you're going to try to replicate this yourself, be careful!

Actor Farrah Fawcett was the ultimate face of the swooping, big hairstyle of the time. After playing the character of the seductive detective Jill Munroe in the massive hit series "Charlie's Angels," Fawcett and her hair truly defined an era, as noted by Byrdie. "Coming off of a decade where the bouffant was one of the most popular hairstyles, I think people loved the Farrah because of its ultra femininity and softness," celebrity stylist Laura Polko told The Zoe Report in 2020. "It changed the way women wore their hair because it was a new soft hairstyle and worked on everyone in some shape or form."

But whatever happened to the iconic feathered hairstyle? The '80s saw wild, teased curls, as noted by Allure, and the socially acceptable look of the 2000s and 2010s was bone-straight locks, per Elle. But as we know, people yearn for the past when it comes to style, and the feathered haircut is coming back — albeit in its own way.

Feathered hair is back with a twist

Although the full Farah Fawcett force is mainly seen on TikTok nowadays, per The Zoe Report, the process of trimming and using various rollers and blow dryers may be risky (and lengthy) to try at home. However, there are other variations of the feathered style that are surely hard to miss when you step out onto the street. For example, long and dramatic curtain bangs are certainly replicating the feathered style and are coming back in trend, per Byrdie, and can be seen on the likes of Camilla Cabello, Dakota Johnson, Shailene Woodley, and other stars.

For a similar look, you can also opt for air-dried tousled waves if spending extra money at the salon isn't your thing. While the original '70s look used to need to be meticulously crafted by hairdressers, a more low-maintenance style has proven to be key in today's society. "Feathered hairstyles have become less finished and more undone, with waves and texture to make hair look air-dried," Paul Edmonds, hairstylist and founder of Paul Edmonds London, told Who What Wear. J-Lo, Selena Gomez, Halle Berry, and more have proven this wavy style works on a vast array of faces for the ultimate sexy-yet-cool glam, as noted by Byrdie. So, if you want to give the comeback look a try, it might work out in your favor.