The Internet Is Obsessed With This Oddly Satisfying Carpet-Cleaning Video

There's just something so addictive about watching someone else clean online. Cleaning videos or the "Clean With Me" genre has been gaining popularity for a while now and did especially well in 2018 (via TubeFilter). Creators of the videos often take us through their messy homes and give us a time-lapse of the cleaning process. While these homes aren't hoarder-level dirty, where homes are hidden under six tons of trash, they're regular homes being cleaned in a regular manner.

Why do we like watching videos of people doing mundane tasks that we probably have to do as well? The appeal might lie in the fact that we're sitting in our own unmade beds while vicariously feeling clean. The videos might also be satisfying to watch since clean dishes, organized spaces and dusted desks are a click away. It's almost like watching a home makeover, and cinematic history can prove makeover scenes will never go out of the storyboard. Accordingly, a transformation video of a carpet is making rounds on the internet. Read more about this unlikely candidate for a makeover.

This carpet-cleaning video is incredibly satisfying

TikTok currently has 588 million views on the #carpetcleaning hashtag — which may sound ridiculous if you haven't been initiated into the world of "CleanTok." Many of these videos feature people intentionally creating a mess on their carpet and then cleaning it. In fact, this TikTok account's entire page is dedicated to "accidentally spilling" things like caramel or toothpaste on their carpet — and they even take requests. However, most are straightforward cleaning videos, one of which made its way to Reddit.

The video features professional cleaners and copious amounts of foamy soap on a carpet. The carpet starts out a faded dark red but returns to its original color of bright red after the cleaning. The video makes you want to buy a carpet cleaning machine or at least inspect your carpet's true colors. If that isn't enough, you can add to the 2 million views on "carpet cleaning" on YouTube. The genre is definitely one of the internet's finest; not many people can make chores look this fun.