What It Means If You Are Destiny Number 11

We all know what astrology is and how insightful it can be. Numerology, on the other hand, is a bit more mystical. "Numerology is an awesome companion to astrology," Ophi Edut of the AstroTwins told Allure. "It helps clarify the sign by providing additional nuance."

This fascinating practice has been around since ancient times and, as the name suggests, primarily focuses on numbers. In particular, numerology studies the notion that specific numbers, letters, and numerical patterns hold significant meanings pertaining to our life (via Allure). "With numerology, you can use specific pieces of information, such as a home address, to derive details," Edut added. "You really start to see patterns everywhere." In some ways, numerology is one of the oldest forms of divination around, per Horoscope.com

One specific aspect of numerology focuses on destiny numbers. A destiny number (also known as one's expression number) is meant to offer perspective on how someone expresses their authentic self, the talents they possess, and what actions they must take to fulfill their destiny, per Prokerala. The single-digit destiny numbers range from 1 to 9, whereas there are only two double-digit numbers, which are called master numbers: 11 and 22. Master numbers are of special significance because they are said to harbor enhanced potential, according to Horoscope.com.  

On that note, here's how to calculate your destiny number — and what it means if you are destiny number 11, specifically.

How to calculate your destiny number

To find out your destiny number, first take your whole name (first, middle, and last), and convert each letter to its numerical counterpart. This system was developed by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras in Ancient Greece (around 350 BCE) and is the most commonly used form of numerology today, per Allure. According to Pythagoras' teachings, 1 = A, J, S; 2 = B, K, T; 3 = C, L, U; 4 = D, M, V; 5 = E, N, W; 6 = F, O, X; 7 = G, P, Y; 8 = H, Q, Z; 9 = I, R. 

After you determine which number corresponds with each letter of your name, you have to figure out the root value of each name. You do that by adding the numbers of each letter up and then reducing that number to a single digit. You then add the remaining values together and reduce that to a single digit, unless you are left with an 11 or 22, the master numbers. 

We will use my (very Albanian) name, Jona Jaupi, as an example. The formula for my first name looks like this: (1 + 6 + 5 + 1 = 13; and then 1 + 3 = 4); my last name is (1 + 1 + 3 + 7 + 9 = 21; 2 + 1 = 3). Then we add 4 + 3 to get my destiny number of 7

Destiny number 11 holds special significance

Destiny number 11 (the first of the master numbers) comprises two 1s, which means it draws energy from its root number of 2. The fact that 11 is a master number also signifies that achievements and success are probable at a higher level, albeit in more stressful situations, via Allure

Now, onto what destiny number 11 specifically means for you. It's believed that 11s are the philosophers and teachers of the world. They often seek out positions that allow them to learn and share their knowledge with others. They tend to follow a spiritual path, and this is due to unfortunate circumstances in their lives from an early age. They combat their hardships by living lives full of compassion and humbleness, according to Prokerala. Those with master number 11 are also said to possess heightened psychic abilities that they can use to heal themselves and others, per Allure. 

This destiny number is considered to be the most intuitive of all the numbers, and those with this number are often dreamers. However, because 11s possess a root of 2, they are also sometimes faced with inner duality and conflict, which means they need to constantly be focused on an end goal to avoid wallowing in emotional turmoil, according to World Numerology

Still, if your destiny number is 11, you should consider yourself quite special!