Why Everyone's Talking About Lil Nas X's New Taco Bell Commercial

Everyone's talking about Lil Nas X — no surprise there! This time, however, people are dreaming of the artist too. A new Taco Bell commercial was released on August 23rd, 2021 titled "Talk Show Dreams ft. Lil Nas X — Toasted Breakfast Burritos" and it's definitely enough to make you want to wake up. The theme of the commercial features a dreamy-colored talk show set in shades of pastel pink and sparkly purple. The idea is that an "average Jane" is dreaming of Little Nas X making her the star of her own show, but no matter how good a dream is, waking up to a Taco Bell Toasted Breakfast Burrito is even better. 

While there's some solid room for debate on where the featured breakfast burrito ranks compared to a celebrity 1:1, there's no doubt the commercial is fun, playful, colorful, and features some really catching music. Beyond the simple playfulness, it's that music that has fans talking.

Breakfast dreams with Lil Nas X

As fans have noticed, "Lil Nas X is the star of the new Taco Bell commercial. In the commercial we can hear 'What I Want,' a song that is on his album" (via Twitter). Listeners are thrilled to hear more as this song is part of a much anticipated release by the artist. Says fan Sammy, "help am i insane or is the song teased in the trailer for @LilNasX's album the same song as the one he's singing in that taco bell commercial—" (via Twitter).

And it's not just the song itself that's catching attention, but the fantastic marketing skills of Nas himself, as fan Jason says, "Lil Nas X is the best marketer in the music industry. Know that. If y'all not following his lead then y'all don't get it" (via Twitter). The song "That's What I Want" has been teased in clips but has not yet been released in full (via Rap-Up). The song is part of the much anticipated September 17th release of Nas's new album, "Montero." If you can't wait, you can hear clips of it now, thanks to Taco Bell.