What Crystals To Use If You're Healing Your Heart Chakra

You often find one of life's biggest dilemmas in a bathroom full of women at the end of a night out: should you text your ex? A resounding "NO" is your answer. But we also have a solution that may eliminate the question. 

According to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science, holding onto past relationships (especially toxic ones) may indicate a blocked heart chakra (via Bustle). The heart chakra is part of a network of seven chakras, or energetic points in your body that vibrate and connect you to the world (via Chopra). "Each of the chakras point to one of these energy centers in our nervous systems, which are linked to psychosomatic characteristics," Ayurvedic expert Sahara Rose tells Well + Good.

Evidently, your heart chakra dictates the energy you put into your relationships and the compassion you allow yourself to feel. A blocked heart chakra can lead you to hold onto grudges, and feel lonely or defensive (via Bustle). However, there are different ways to unblock the heart chakra — yoga, affirmations, and meditation with crystals. Read on to find out which crystals you need to bring home to heal your heart chakra.

Use green crystals to heal the heart chakra

On TikTok, #crystals has over 4.7 billion views, confirming that we're all gravitating toward alternate forms of healing and medicine. However, there are so many crystals and even more information about them — figuring out the right one(s) for you can be a confusing experience. One of the easiest ways to understand the purpose of a crystal is by picking it by its color. Each of the seven chakras is associated with a particular color: the root chakra is red, the throat chakra is blue, and the heart chakra's color is green (and occasionally pink) (via Yogi Approved).

Rose quartz is a common pink crystal that promotes compassion and self-love, which can be a great place to start. Green crystals like amazonite and aventurine attract prosperity and abundance while guiding your thoughts (via Yogi Approved). Malachite has recently made the rounds on TikTok because of its ability to heal emotionally and physically (via Healing Crystals For You). You can also find malachite jewelry to wear with that going-out-top to protect you whether you're at the club or at home. Moldavite is another stone that has gained popularity, but it can be an intensely powerful crystal to start with. Each of these crystals can be worn, meditated with, and kept around your home to cleanse your energy. Hopefully, this helps you start your journey of healing your heart chakra.