If You're A Pisces, Add This To Your Self-Care Routine

If your birthday falls between February 18 and March 20, you're a Pisces, according to Co-Star Astrology. The typical Pisces is a highly sensitive individual. People born under this zodiac sign are often dreamers and may be a tad bit overly emotional. Pisces have an amazing imagination and bring themselves to make-believe worlds often. This water sign has a lot of interesting personality traits behind it.

According to Allure, Pisces is the last constellation in the zodiac, who has absorbed all of the lessons from before it. This makes people who have this sign more intuitive and compassionate. It can also lead the person to feel overwhelmed by their emotions.

Since Pisces are notoriously sensitive and emotional, it can be a bit exhausting to be one. If you are a Pisces who feels too much, you likely devote a lot of time to self-care. Well, at least you should be prioritizing recharging yourself. If you need some guidance to up your self-care game, here are some things you can add to your routine.

Pisces should call their nail tech for self-care

A Pisces makes a great friend due to their compassionate and emotional nature. However, they are also guilty of getting themselves too emotionally involved in situations that they shouldn't. This is where a good self-care routine comes into play. Pisces need to relax and take care of their mental health, per Herbivore. If you're caught up in your emotions, it's time to break out the journal! Writing out your feelings will help you regulate them. Plus, it always feels good to get your thoughts out on paper. Journaling should be added to the self-care arsenal of all Pisces.

Another recommendation comes from Well + Good. Astrologer and success coach Jennifer Racioppi has some recommendations tailor-made for the water sign. She recommends all Pisces book themselves a pedicure. "Pisces rules the feet so getting a pedicure is key for you," Racioppi explains. "It provides a sense of feeling grounded!"

Journaling and getting a pedicure will help Pisces find inner peace and grounding. When your feelings get too strong, take some time for yourself. You deserve it!