Why Mary Trump Doesn't Think Ivanka Or Don Jr. Will Ever Be As Popular As Their Dad

Mary Trump, the only niece of former President Donald Trump, has made a name for herself as one of his staunchest and most vocal critics over the past few years. As The Guardian reports, she followed up her shocking 2020 memoir, "Too Much and Never Enough," with a less tabloid-y yet still jaw-dropping second account of her experiences within the Trump family, entitled "The Reckoning." Considering her debut sold more than 1.35 million copies in its first week of release alone, and the Trumps attempted to sue to halt publication, it's no surprise Mary has more to say. 

Moreover, considering the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol building, "Too Much and Never Enough" now reads like a flashing warning sign. "The Reckoning," in contrast, is "a mixture of family lore, history, policy and anger," signaling Mary still has plenty more tea to spill. Among other things, Donald's only niece reveals the explicit racism that existed comfortably within the confines of her grandparents' house, which naturally infected the future president. When pressed, Mary reveals her true feelings, and now she's speaking out about Don Jr. and Ivanka in particular. 

Mary Trump doesn't believe lightning will strike the same spot

Mary Trump has no qualms about sharing her difficulties growing up with a famous surname, even claiming that Donald Trump showed the Republican party up for what it truly is. However, Mary is less concerned about his adult children. When asked whether she could see either Ivanka or Don Jr. successfully running for office someday, the former president's only niece opined, "I don't see anybody else at the top of the Republican Party who has the same kind of sway ... with their voters ... certainly not my cousins" (via The Hill). Mary was speaking on CNN at the time, going on to say neither of Donald's adult kids has his comparable charisma. In fact, as far as the author is concerned, "It would be like lightning striking four times in the same place. I don't see it happening." 

Mary elaborated that neither Ivanka nor Don Jr. has the requisite resources or reputation either, nor do they have the political power. She argued, "If they want to try, that would be interesting because it would tell us a lot about the current state of the Republican Party, if they were accepted." Although Mary previously stated emphatically Donald wouldn't run again, she changed her tune during an interview last week, also on CNN, reasoning that the baseless claims of election fraud have spurred Republicans on. Besides, "If Donald gets to the point ... where he feels that he can't lose, why wouldn't he run?"