If You're An Aquarius, Do This Self-Care Routine

Calling all Aquarians, or those born between January 19 and February 18. You are the most humanitarian of all the astrological signs, according to Allure. Considering you're ruled by Uranus, you're a creative person who is always thinking of inventive ways to fix the world's problems (via Cosmopolitan). Of course, while you're consumed with the big picture, you also tend to veer towards solidarity. As Co–Star says, you fetishize your "personal freedom." 

Since it's stressful always wanting to make the world a better place, you've got to use this alone time to really work on your own self-care. To make sure your time is used efficiently, you may need to adjust your self-care routine to what works best for your personality type. While zodiac signs can really help you navigate relationships and career goals, you can also listen to your sun sign when determining the best way to treat yourself.

A good morning routine will help an Aquarius start their day in the right place

As an Aquarius, you're often stressed out just thinking about all the injustices in the world. To help with that, California Psychics suggests that you focus on some self-care for your mind that includes coming up with a good morning routine. Astrologer and success coach Jennifer Racioppi even tells Well+Good that "as an air sign and a very quick thinker, a morning routine helps you to feel grounded." By starting your day on the right foot and in the right mindset, you'll be more prepared to take on whatever the day brings you.

A great morning routine can include a glass of water or a cup of coffee to enjoy while you write in your journal. You could also use this time to listen to a podcast, read a book, or work on some of your favorite hobbies like crafting. As far as the body goes, Vogue suggests that an Aquarius should try incorporating yoga into their self-care routine. Since you're "one of the more mindful zodiac signs," you'll love both working out and stretching your body while also giving yourself the time to meditate. So, you could try doing a quick yoga session as part of your morning routine as well.