Here's How To Keep Your Bedroom Clutter Free

If you're anything like the rest of us, your bedroom can start to look a little cluttered after a few days. Between clothes you've worn and clothes you have yet to put away, you may struggle to keep up with the volume of things in your room. Plus, if you have cups, extra pillows and other items lying around your room, it can be even more difficult. However, when you have a system in place, it'll be easier to keep track of your things and clean them up as needed.

If you're not building out your bedroom during a home remodel, there are still a few options that will give you extra storage options without requiring a built-in system. My Domaine recommends starting by organizing your closet since this holds the most items in your space. Beginning with your hangers, the outlet suggests converting to uniform options that will keep your items properly spaced out without wrinkling. Especially if you have a walk-in closet, you can do up your space by adding a mirror and showcasing some chic shelving on the sides.

As for shelving, you have a lot of options that will make your space more functional and chic. Floating shelves can optimize your walls while helping you display your favorite items and nicknacks — making sure they don't clog up your nightstand. If you're looking for other shelving options, the outlet notes that suspended tables make for an eye-catching way to organize your room without taking up a ton of space.

Declutter at least once a week

Unfortunately, there's no shelving unit that can do the decluttering for you. Stay on top of your space by cleaning it up at least once a week. Instead of having an hours-long tidying session once a month, this will optimize your time and keep your space feeling fresh. The Spruce recommends collecting garbage and disposing of it, going through your clothes on the floor to decide which goes back in the hamper and the others that can head to the closet.

The same rule applies to your closet, if you don't take time to weed out pieces you no longer use, it can leave the space too cluttered to use. The outlet notes that "front-end" maintenance — organizing before you hang your clothes — makes all the difference. By being selective with what you bring into your home, you can optimize your space. When you combine that with regular weeding out of items you no longer wear, you'll feel less overwhelmed by your closet and more in control.

Of course, no organizing excursion would be complete without a list of trays to acquire. The outlet suggests maintaining order by keeping small items siphoned off into catch-all plates and bowls. During your weekly clean-sweep, whittle these items down and get rid of any that you no longer need. Lastly, find a few shelving solutions like your nightstand, storage bench or even a bar cart that offers more space to put things.

Between more shelving and a laid-out routine, you can have a bedroom worthy of the cover of a design magazine.