Here's What You Should Do If You Hate Your New Haircut

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Every once in a while, we all get the itch to make a drastic change in our lives. Sometimes, we feel complacent and bored with our everyday look and style, and we want to go big and bold to switch it up. Getting a haircut is like being able to introduce ourselves in another light, especially when we chop off a ton of locks. Many people day dream about their new look and new do, knowing it's going to be such a big change and make statement. 

However, many of us also go through the stages of the "post-haircut" grieving. After that salon blowout and wash wears off and we have to wash and style our own hair with our own two hands, it doesn't always look the way we dreamed it would. And, because of that, many of us regret getting that huge, life-changing chop altogether. Then, we cry into our pillow and beat ourselves up for ever thinking we needed such a big change in the first place. 

If you're like the rest of us and you regret getting that haircut, we have a few words of wisdom for you. 

If you hate your new hair, there are multiple ways to fix it

There's a few options for you if you go for the scissors and absolutely loathe the new style you're left with. For starters, if you hate your haircut at the salon, speak up. Hairstylists are there to do one thing — make sure you are happy with your cut, color, and whatever else you get done. If you are unhappy with the way it lays or the length, say something, celebrity hairstylist Ammon Carver tells Byrdie. Just don't be rude about it: they are people, too. Maybe play with the part or even see if they can angle or layer it a bit differently. 

If you get home and you're still not feeling it, try to play with it using different accessories and styles. You may not like how it is plain Jane, but if you spice it up with some clips, headbands, or even a signature look like a half-up, half-down pony, you may just fall in love. 

However, if you're totally upset and crying over how short it is and how it's so not you, you can always go online and order yourself some clip-in extensions to rock while you wait for it to grow out again. Many brands offer them on Amazon and they're not expensive, plus, you can style them with the same products and tools you use on your natural hair, too.