Makeup And Exercise Tips To Make Your Collarbone Pop

Between exfoliating, moisturizing and putting on your makeup, you likely do a lot to make your skin look its best. Especially for big events, you probably take more time to focus on the small details. Having a well-defined, shining collarbone is likely one of those details. For your next big event or date night, try these tricks to draw attention to this alluring area.

Poosh recommends using varying hues of makeup to achieve a clavicle worth staring at. Begin by choosing your darker-colored foundation or bronzer and applying it around the bone to create definition. From here, add a lighter tone on top of the bone; make sure to blend the powder or liquid fully so there aren't streaks. For an extra pop, find a shimmery bronzer or layer of shine to apply on top. Lastly, apply a highlighter on the inside of the bone towards the crevice for a collarbone that's photo-shoot-ready.

Marie Claire offers a three-step process that leaves your collarbones looking natural but glowing. The outlet suggests starting by contouring around the bones. Moisturize first, then contour a v-shape towards your cleavage and on both sides of your clavicle. Your highlighter is next in this method — apply it on the tops of your bone for an extra pop of color.

Various types of exercise broaden your chest

Don't forget to blend everything together to leave you with a natural-looking finish after you've contoured. From here, find a v-neck or open-necked shirt to show off your hard work.

To help create greater length in this area, chest-strengthening movements will create more definition over time. Poosh suggests adding push ups, shoulder shrugs and shoulder rolls into your workout routine to elongate this area. Swimming also helps in this regard, the outlet notes, as well as other cardio activities such as running. Taking a bridge pose will stretch these muscles and broaden your shoulders.

If you're at the gym, doing an overhead shoulder press and any weighted overhead movements will fortify the muscles around your collar bone, giving you a more eye-catching space. The outlet also notes that purchasing 15-pound weights can give you an extra level of difficulty when it comes to your chest-enhancing routine.

However, when it comes to your makeup regimen, make sure that you properly blend all of the lines and colors. E! Online explains that many celebrities fall victim to unblended colors that can look overdone. By grabbing a fluffy brush and checking your collarbones from various angles can prevent your skin from looking cakey.