If You're A Scorpio, Ask These Questions On The First Date

When it comes to the romance department, a Scorpio is looking for someone who is super loyal, and even on a first date, there are ways to gauge whether or not someone may be ready for a committed relationship.

For instance, if someone is trying too hard to be someone they are not, playing hard to get, or into mind games, that will be a hard pass from a Scorpio. Though these types may not open up easily, they are genuine and upfront and they expect the same from those in their lives.

Some questions that can assist in this area include the following: "What is something I don't know about you?" (which will prompt a date to be revealing), "What are your goals for the future?" (which will show what is important to this person), and, "Why did you want to go on a date with me?" (which is putting it all out there).

These kinds of questions are ideal for a Scorpio's first date

Scorpios are known for being mysterious, intense, and passionate, and there are also questions that can play into all of this while on a first date. For instance, Bustle suggested a game of "Which one of us would throw a more interesting dinner party?" This will help a Scorpio and their date get to know one another better, and it will make for an intellectual and flirty conversation topic.

Since these types are also intuitive, determined, and honest, questions can and should also be asked regarding what is most important in life, accomplishments, opinions on important topics, and even psychic topics (like exchanging ghost stories).

There are subject areas to steer clear of with Scorpios, as well. These include casual phrases ("Just looking for some fun," "into one night stands," etc.) and stories about the ex, since these types are quite serious and can be quite possessive, even early on in the relationship!