Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Gel Extensions For The First Time

It seems that everywhere we look, long nails are all the rage. While we all thought that short, minimalistic nails were the go-to for many, it seems that long nails are making quite the comeback with both influencers and celebrities alike. Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B are always posting their fashionable and intricate long nails, with elaborate and stunning details. 

But, it's not easy to grow our natural nails out to reach such great lengths. In fact, whenever we try to grow our nails out just a little bit longer, they break and crack before they can even get polished. That's why many had, for years, stuck to acrylic nails for their longer look (via Bustle). But, now, many have moved away from acrylic nails and moved onto gel extensions — the most popular way to get longer nails today. 

With any new beauty trend, of course, there is tons to know before you go to the salon. So, here's you ultimate guide to getting gel extensions for the first time. 

Gel extensions are durable and beautiful

Gel extensions essentially are an extension on top of your natural nail. However, instead of the acrylic powder that air dries, it's a hard gel that is put onto your nail and then set with a UV light. It's almost like using a sticker on top of your natural nail and setting it with the gel (via Byrdie). Gel extensions are great for those who have shorter nails and want to lengthen, but your nails can't be too short or there will be nothing for the extension to stick to. Therefore, it's important to grow your natural nails out just a bit before going to the salon. 

On the bright side, gel extensions are a great and durable way to lengthen your nails and get a Pinterest-worthy manicure. In addition, they are easier to remove and soak off than acrylic nails are, which often require tools to remove (Who What Wear). They last anywhere from two to three weeks.

The downside to gel extensions is that you should always be careful with longer nail length. Don't go around trying to stick those fingers in a bowling ball just yet. In addition, you want to make sure you keep up with maintenance and go to a salon if you want to remove them. The worst thing you can do is pick and peel off your gel extensions, as it'll cause damage to your natural nail bed underneath (Who What Wear).