Everything You Need To Know About Using Bloodstone

Whether you are a new crystal convert or have already long invested in the power of nature's sacred rocks, there's always more to learn. We're leaving no stone unturned when it comes to healing crystals -– a trend that's taken over the celebrity set, yoga devotees, and the spiritually curious alike. Per The Cut, Willow and Jaden Smith make their own orgonite pyramids, Robin Thicke recently bought a $20,000 amethyst stone, and David Beckham admits he and wife Victoria are very "into crystals" since their Los Angeles move. And it's not just celebs: per Coveteur, crystals have become a universally "popular tool," used to "connect to the varying energies, understand them, and heal from them." 

As crystal healer Sakin Manji told Coveteur, crystals' "healing and cleansing properties" are attributed to their "repeated, symmetrical structures" and molecular purity, which allow them to have a deeply positive "energetic frequency." From wearing a delicate jade talisman around your neck to placing a large rose quartz in your home's entrance, crystals are all about good vibes. 

With meditation guru Olivia Rosewood telling Billboard she's seen "an increase in crystal use," attributing it to "increased stress and their inherent calming power," it's no wonder the popularity of healing stones is on the rise all over the world. Far from more conventional tourmaline and quartz, bloodstone is a lesser-known grounding crystal with "a long history of use for its healing properties" (via The Spruce). In fact, bringing it into your home may have seriously positive effects on your life.

Bloodstone's history

Before we delve into bloodstone's healing properties, it's important to take a deep dive into its history. Per The Spruce, bloodstone mixes chalcedony and jasper gemstones, two different quartz varieties. Chalcedony gives the healing crystal its signature deep forest-green hue, while the copper-bronze flecks are all jasper. According to Healing Crystals for You, bloodstone can also be referred to as seftonite or even blood jasper (via Gemstagram), and the "blood" in the name comes from the rock's fiery-red speckles. 

The Secret of the Tarot explains that in ancient times, bloodstone was called heliotrope or "sun stone." This word combined the Greek word "helios" (meaning sun), and "trepein" which means "to attract." The Greeks thought that bloodstone resembled an intense orange-red sunset and believed it summoned the sun each day. As The Secret of the Tarot puts it, for the Greeks, "[bloodstone] contained the power of life, since it represented both the blood in the body and green, growing things." They even thought bloodstone could help make someone invisible or bring about rain. 

Meanwhile, ancient Egyptians used bloodstone to make themselves seem more trustworthy, and witches and wizards from ages past used the crystal to "control negative spirits." The ancient Romans associated bloodstone with the fertility goddess Bona Dea, a female-centric healer. Moreover, bloodstone was used as talismans to win wars. As per Healing Crystals for You, this stone is also associated with the Christian tradition, particularly as a symbol for "the blood of Christ" and sacrifice.

Bloodstone's metaphysical and spiritual benefits

When it comes to spiritual properties, bloodstone is chock-full of them. This stone has a "basic trinity" of healing attributes that make it one of the most powerful crystals out there. As per The Spruce, bloodstone can ward off negative vibrations from your home just like black tourmaline. It will "energize" a space similarly to quartz and is just as grounding as hematite. This do-it-all stone isn't just a pretty (metallic-flecked) face: it has the chops to prove its major worth next to your bedside or on a gorgeous piece of jewelry you'll wear forever.

According to Healing Crystals for You, bloodstone was thought of as an "audible oracle" in ancient times, symbolically "whispering" to its owner exactly what path to take in life. This stone is perfect for anyone who isn't sure about their journey, or what steps to take to get to their emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual destination. Bloodstone's vibrations are meant to "guide the user" (no wonder they used it in ancient wars!), and it is "an excellent crystal to help you to feel a stronger sense of determination." 

If you feel like you've recently veered off course or need to "regain your personal power" after issues at work, familial problems, a breakup, or an identity crisis, this grounding stone is just the thing to use. Apart from its natural "courage, comfort[,] strength," and self-esteem-boosting properties, it is a go-to crystal for spiritual guidance, protection, and sharper intuition (via HubPages).

A grounding, revitalizing do-it-all

Bloodstone is a natural healer: it's no wonder the powerful 16th-century Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II kept one in his private collection, which can now be viewed at the Louvre (via Gemstone). While you probably won't be riding a horse into battle anytime soon, bloodstone can help you mitigate the anxiety of daily life by being a grounding force you can carry around everywhere. Bloodstone is all about strength, and using the crystal will give you a centered mind, "spiritual tenacity," plus "the resolve to do what needs to be done within your individual reality" -– whether deciding on that long-overdue breakup or quitting the job that doesn't fulfill you (via Healing Crystals for You).

Bloodstone has purifying properties and can be used to eliminate energetic toxins and clear the mind to make the best possible decisions. It can "revitalize you" while you sleep, even lending itself to symbolic dreams for spiritual guidance, and is known to boost creativity (via Healing Crystals for You). The Spruce says bloodstone is symbolic of "noble sacrifice," purifying and protecting while simultaneously transforming negative energy into positive vibrations. Ancient healers saw the stone as a "blood purifier," and it is known to increase energy flow and dismantle blockages: emotional, mental, or physical. Per The Secret of the Tarot, bloodstone can be used to "absorb the pain from an emotional loss or abandonment," giving you both the courage to face your fears and comfort as you move forward -– a true "shape-shifter." 

Bloodstone and the chakras

Bloodstone healing communicates directly with the body's chakras. As per Healthline, the Sanskrit word "chakra" means disk of "spinning energy" in the body, each pertaining to different organs and nerves. While amethyst works best for the spiritual crown chakra (via Satin Crystals) and celestite is great for opening the third-eye chakra (via Cape Cod Crystals), bloodstone is centered on the heart chakra and the lower spine's root chakra.

Bloodstone is a perfect healing crystal for the heart: according to Gemstagram, it can "cleanse" your heart chakra, healing your emotional self from past suffering and lack of trust. Per HubPages, this stone will "dispel negative energy" from your heart, such as anger or fear, while also teaching you "to be patient." The Secret of the Tarot explains that the heart chakra lives between the inner-self and outside life, so it can bring "balance to controlling relationships and" moderates "extreme emotional responses." It works as a mediator between emotions and reality, healing your connections with others. Since the heart chakra deals with "our ability to love and show compassion" (via Healthline), bloodstone can help gain "emotional stability" (via My Stone Meaning).

This healing crystal also plays a vital role for the root chakra, which is "is responsible for your sense of security" (via Healthline). Bloodstone grounds this chakra (via Gemstagram), while awakening it and increasing the body's overall energy (via The Secret of the Tarot). This can improve self-confidence and harbor a feeling of safety (My Stone Meaning).

Best uses for bloodstone in your day-to-day

So what are the best ways you can incorporate bloodstone in your daily life? For one, per Healing Crystals for You, you can place your bloodstone under your pillow to "aid dreaming," making you feel well-rested. Since bloodstone is inherently connected to the heart chakra, it's another great idea to try wearing the healing crystal on a necklace. According to The Spruce, bloodstone jewelry "can activate and balance the flow of energy in one's physical body," especially when placed near the chest for maximum heart-opening benefits. All kinds of bloodstone jewelry will imbue you with a "wise and courageous energy" (via The Spruce), but The Secret of the Tarot recommends opting for a carved signet ring to keep with ancient traditions.

If you prefer to not wear jewelry, simply keeping a bloodstone in your pocket will make sure "its vibration will flow out into your aura" all day (via Healing Crystals for You). Moreover, Gemstagram suggests keeping your bloodstone as "an amulet of protection" to ward against negative energy and people. As per the outlet, sewing a bloodstone jewel into clothing could help anyone confronting a bully at school or in the workplace.

Lastly, bloodstone is a perfect addition to your home, working as a "cure to energize, protect, and ground" your humble abode (via The Spruce). Keeping a bloodstone crystal at the entrance will fend off negative vibes, while keeping one on your nightstand will make for soothing, grounded dreams.

Who should use bloodstone?

While all of us can benefit from the root chakra-healing, heart-opening properties of bloodstone, some of us need it more than others. For one, HubPages recommends bloodstone for anyone looking to get in touch with the dreamworld: whether getting spiritual or just attempting to analyze what their dreams mean. Anyone looking to be trusted should wear this stone, since ancient Egyptians once believed it "conferred credibility" to whoever wore it (via The Secret of the Tarot). If you're in a creative field, keeping bloodstone in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry can get your artistry flowing, and this is the single best good luck charm for sports. According to The Secret of the Tarot, it can help you win, but it also makes for "healthy competition" and keeps the game fun.

If starting meditation, you will truly benefit from bloodstone. A great first crystal for anyone looking to ground themselves in time and space, bloodstone can help you disconnect from the outside world. The Secret of the Tarot recommends holding bloodstone in your hand during your next meditation, feeling how it "increases the power of dreaming" and your spiritual realm. Different from crystals like rose quartz or jade, bloodstone has an intuitive streak that makes it perfect for thinking about the future, and can be used with amber as an emotional remedy. Bloodstone is recommended for anyone dealing with past suffering –- it is the stone for facing challenges and healing from them (via Healing Crystals for You).

How to care for your bloodstone

Once you have your bloodstone and you know about all its best uses, it's time for the nitty-gritty of how to care for it. Gemstagram recommends washing your bloodstone every "few days to maintain its healing properties." One of the best bloodstone cleaning methods is to place it under running water (natural freshwater is best), fully submerging it and letting it dry afterward, but a once-in-a-while saltwater soak can "banish negativity" and be just as beneficial.

You can also maintain your bloodstone's energy with natural light cleanses. These will "recharge" your stone, especially under pure moonlight. If choosing to go with sunlight, placing your bloodstone right on soil is best, and only leave it out for a few hours (via Gemstagram). The outlet also recommends cleaning your bloodstone in a bowl of brown rice to "remove negative energy." Gem Select recommends an "earth bath," where you bury the bloodstone in the soil for a day and wash it with water right after. My Stone Meaning warns against using any kinds of detergents or cleaning products, which the outlet says can "damage the surface" of the bloodstone. One of the best (and easiest) ways to clean your bloodstone from energy buildup is by simply placing it on a large piece of quartz (via Best Crystals).

No matter what, as per Tiny Rituals, remember that bloodstone naturally absorbs "toxic vibes" so cleaning it a must –- still, always keep the washing as natural as possible.