This Is How You Can Combat Summer Hair Loss

Having a glorious head of hair sits on many people's wishlist. But, during the summer, your scalp sheds faster than usual. During the warmer months, you may notice your mane thinning slightly — and this is proven to be more prevalent with higher temperatures. "Yes, seasonal hair loss actually can occur," Iris Rubin, M.D., founder of SEEN Hair Care tells Mindbodygreen, "Studies have shown higher rates of telogen hairs, or resting hairs, in the summer months, which then lead to shedding."

There are two types of hairs on your scalp — those that are in the anagen state (growing) and hairs that are resting in the telogen state. The outlet explains that summer increases the number of strands in the resting state, leaving them more prone to falling out. Throughout the year, your mane generally maintains 85% of its hairs in the anagen state, but summer is one notable exception. During this period, with more strands falling dormant, they're more likely to fall out. Thus, your drain may be clogged with more hairs and your hairbrush may be taking bigger chunks with it throughout the season.

At the moment, researchers have yet to determine the cause of this phenomenon, the outlet reports.

Extreme heat can encourage the release of excess hairs

Between the high temperatures and sun's rays, summer can be a tough time for your hair in general. To help support its growth, focus on your overall health by eating nutrient-dense foods and drinking enough water. "Our eyes, hair, nails, and teeth are generally perceived to be a reflection or mirror to our overall health. The healthier we are, the healthier they appear," Dr. Bill Cole tells Healthline. "A health-promoting whole food diet along with good sleep, regular exercise, fresh air, sunshine on exposed skin, and reduced stress levels form the cornerstone of a healthy life and healthy hair."

Specifically, foods with high levels of zinc can contribute to hair growth and fortify your strands over time. The outlet recommends eating spinach and lentils, as these contain high amounts of the nutrient. Just be sure to avoid overdoing it; too much can have the opposite effect. Furthermore, there are tons of treatments on the market that help fortify and increase your hair's rate of growth. From serums to masks and supplements, it may be wise to find a few products that help combat this issue before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Mindbodygreen also recommends wearing a hat to protect your tresses from the sun and making sure to moisturize them properly. Keeping up with general maintenance and finding new ways to support your strands can make a big difference in their appearance in the long run.