Is This TikTok Psychology Love Eye Trick Legit?

If you've got a crush on somebody special, chances are you're trying to figure out how to get this person's attention. Queue a fun TikTok hack that user @sophieroselloyd promises will work — as long as you do it just right. The "love eye trick" that Sophie Lloyd touts on TikTok is quick and straightforward, but several rules exist. In this video, the popular TikTok user explains all the essential details in just under two minutes. 

Using the V-shaped move should only take you about three to four seconds. First, when you're face-to-face with your crush, look into the person's left eye for a second, then slide your gaze down to their lips for one-half to two seconds, and finally, bring your gaze back up to the person's right eye for a second. 

Lloyd offers a few caveats, though. She cautions that you should only use the "love eye trick" with somebody you really like and have spoken with before instead of trying it out on a stranger. According to Lloyd, you need to be involved in a one-on-one conversation instead of a group setting, and you shouldn't be the one talking because then the object of your desire might focus on your moving lips instead of your eyes.

Of course, doing the "love eye trick" from TikTok is one thing, but does it really work? Read on to find out more about the psychology behind these particular eye movements.

Here's the psychology behind the love eye trick from TikTok

According to PureWow, you can't actually trick somebody into falling in love with you, so it's important to remember that. You can, however, get somebody's attention with eye contact, which might become the first step in your love story, Better Help reported. 

Maintaining eye contact is a powerful way to let somebody know you're interested in them. In fact, Psychology Today pointed out that you might avoid looking at somebody if you don't like them. When you do like somebody, though, and maintain eye contact, then the neurochemical oxytocin plays a possible role in why it feels so good to gaze into somebody's eyes when you're attracted to them. 

Because there's a fine line between gazing and impolite staring, the TikTok "love eye trick" that user @sophieroselloyd showcased in this video might work to ensure that you don't go over the line into something that is less coy and more creepy. If there's somebody you like, and you want to let that person know, this subtle eye move might be just the trick to find out if there's mutual attraction.