How To Identify Your Lip Shape

From cupid's bow to puffy lips, there are many different lip shapes. And, each has its pros and cons as with any type of shape. Per Byrdie, the most desirable lips shapes include perfectly proportioned lips and Hollywood lips, such as those of Angelina Jolie. But don't fret if you don't have these lip shapes — you can still spice up your pout with lipstick and lip gloss. You just need to know your lip shape, so that you can apply your product properly.

So how do you identify your lip shape? Well, according to L'Oreal, you can identify your shape just by looking at a vanity mirror. For example, if your lips feel or look too heavy, you may have top-heavy lips. Those with this shape will want to spice up their bottom lip. Meanwhile, those with wide lips tend to have a smile that stretches from cheek to cheek (via L'Oreal). And if you want to highlight this shape, the outlet recommends wearing the same colored lip liner with your lipstick.

More lip shapes

There are many different lip shapes. And, with that, there are some lip shapes that are more favored than others — especially by those who may not have that exact shape. For example, according to Byrdie, a cupid's bow is one of the most desired lip shapes because it resembles a heart, thus being a signal of romance. As for identifying whether or not you have a cupid's bow, simply look at your reflection and see if your upper lip looks like the letter "M."

When figuring out your lip shape, reference guides to common shapes, which can give you a good idea of what to look for. For instance, you may find you have bottom-heavy lips, round lips, or thin lips, per mindbodygreen. Identifying your lip shape can help in figuring out how to apply lip liner, lip gloss, or lipstick to either accentuate your natural pout or reshape your lips into another shape, such as full lips — which are typically symmetrical, with a top and bottom lip that are equally full.

As L'Oreal said, knowing your lip shape is the first step to unlocking your lip makeup look.