Of All Of Jennifer Aniston's Looks - This Stands Above The Rest

When you think of Jennifer Aniston, which decade are you picturing her in? It's hard to believe, but this iconic A-lister has been in the acting game for four decades now, per Time Toast. That is plenty of years to have style transformation after transformation. This is why we thought we'd take the liberty to bring about some of her best and most memorable looks. Does she pull off every one? Of course. This is Rachel, we mean Jennifer, we're talking about here. However, there is one appearance that is our absolute favorite.

The "Marley and Me" star appears to take her fashion icon status with grace and ease. This is perfectly fitting, as her fashion sense is best known as a grounded, "every woman's style," according to Insider. Admittedly, picking a favorite look of Aniston's is a tough one because she is somehow able to turn the most familiar clothes into a stunning outfit. Keep scrolling to learn our top Jennifer Aniston looks. 

Pre-'Friends,' Aniston was rocking a more unkempt event style

First up, we have a slightly more rumpled, fresh-faced look by Aniston from 1990. Before she became Rachel Greene, Aniston hit up Hollywood events looking slightly more casual than we are used to seeing. Not straightened, flowy, and undyed hair? Check. Baggy and untailored blouse tucked into mom jeans? She sure rocks it. Plus, her minimal makeup look was totally on point. 

Perhaps all the "The Break-Up" star needed was a few more years in the spotlight to evolve her style. Aniston looks so comfortable and cool in her clothes, it's hard to believe she has admitted to needing not just a little, but loads of help picking out her outfits. "I love clothes, but I don't know what to put on myself let alone others," she once said, per Gracious Quotes. "I have a lot of help getting dressed," she added. 

Jennifer Aniston effortlessly transformed into Rachel Greene

We can't discuss the highlights of Jennifer Aniston's style without honoring the 10 seasons she spent playing Rachel Greene on the hit TV series, "Friends." Rachel's style was hugely popular for many, and with nostalgic styles back in trend, her outfits are making a comeback today. Rachels' go-to sleeveless mock-neck shirts appeared throughout the show, and is a hot topic of conversation decades later, per People

Aniston made her character a fashion icon by wearing everyday wear like white V-neck tees, crop tops, and overalls stylish must-haves. As it turns out, all of these outfit choices were based on just one thing. "No one was saying, 'Girls, your outfits need to be tighter and smaller and skimpier.' Absolutely no way," Aniston said in an interview with Howard Stern, per Page Six. "It was just sort of what we felt comfortable in," she added.

While her cute clothes were a big part of Rachel Greene's iconic look, her hair made even more of a statement. Following Aniston's short-but-voluminous haircut debut on "Friends," the look became super popular. This is why it comes as a huge surprise that the star herself was not a fan of the look. When discussing her famous haircut with Allure, Aniston said, "How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I've ever seen."

Jennifer Aniston knows how to turn heads

Now it's time for the big reveal. We loved Jennifer Aniston's baby-faced, new-to-Hollywood looks. And of course, everything she did as Rachel Greene is safely secured in the time capsule of ultimate style. But our absolute favorite look of Aniston comes from the red carpet. Namely, that stunning white Dior number she floated around in at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2020.

Aniston prefers to be a little more laid-back: "I've been glammed up; I've been glammed down, which is really more me," she told Allure. But that doesn't mean she can't slay when it comes to a full-glam look, and there's something about the combination of her smooth blowout and clean white SAG 2020 gown that we can't tear our eyes away from. 

So, did the winning gown come in straight off the runway from Paris? Nope. Perhaps the reason we love this look of Aniston's the most is that it is her very own. "This is a vintage John Galliano for Christian Dior, that is mine," she responded when asked who she was wearing at the ceremony, per Access Hollywood. We're guessing both young Aniston and Rachel Greene would approve of her winning look that evening. We certainly do.