How Mauricio Umansky Really Makes His Famous Margaritas

It's rare that the ladies of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are seen anywhere without a drink nearby — whether they're at a luxurious dinner or luncheon, an exotic trip, or casually sipping cocktails at a house party. According to Bravo, "RHOBH" cast member Kyle Richards can always count on finding her favorite drink closer to home — in the gorgeous bar she and her husband, real estate agent Mauricio Umansky, built in their mansion.

A playful video from Richards' Instagram story in March 2020 shows Umansky behind the bar — which is complete with a flat-screen TV, mirrored ceiling, and a myriad of top-shelf liquors — serving Richards a glass of white wine after she says his "service has really not been great," (via Bravo). It turns out Umansky can serve much more than that and even has a special recipe for one of Richards' favorite drinks — margaritas. Richards' and Umansky's daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie, shared the secret to her stepdad's specialty cocktail over Instagram live, so get ready to take some notes (via Bravo). 

Mauricio Umansky uses jalapeño in his margaritas for an extra kick

In 2021, Kyle Richards' daughter Farrah Aldjufrie took to her Instagram story to break down her stepdad's famous cocktail (via Bravo). "Learned how to concoct [Mauricio's] specialty margaritas" she announced in the caption before showing off the first ingredient. The recipe is fairly simple; Aldjufrie starts by pouring four shots of Don Julio 1942 into a cocktail shaker. Then, she adds four shots of Simple Truth Organic Margarita mix and one shot of Evolution Fresh Organic Cucumber Glow cold-pressed juice, which she jokes is "to take the edge off."

Once that's all shaken up, Aldjufrie dusts the rim of the glass with a mixture of lemon juice and tajin spice. Last, she tosses in the final, special ingredient — a few jalapeño slices for a bit of extra spice.

With a few basic ingredients at your disposal, you can drink like a housewife, too!