The Truth About Millie Bobby Brown And Noah Schnapp's Friendship

Finding worldwide fame as a kid can be daunting, but luckily for the stars of Netflix super-hit "Stranger Things," the cast is predominantly made up of youngsters, so they can at least support one another through this weird experience. 

Season 1 of the show revolved around the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who's lost in the so-called "Upside Down," while the arrival of the otherworldly girl Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, in Hawkins leaves the whole town reeling (via IMDb). 

Eleven spent much of the "Stranger Things" debut season chilling out with Finn Wolfhard's Mike, frequently baffling his all-male crew of buddies with her bleeding nose and penchant for Eggo waffles. Brown and Schnapp didn't share much screen time, but everything changed when Will returned. 

Elsewhere, the fun-loving duo has left an impression on many red carpets, in interviews, and online, suggesting a deep friendship even without tons of character interaction. Are these two genuinely friends or just good actors? 

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are proud BFFs

According to Seventeen, actors Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown aren't just friends. They're best friends. The duo grew close through working together on "Stranger Things," of course, and frequently share their love for each other proudly on social media. 

In fact, Brown once described her co-star as "the greatest friend a girl could ask for." The ride-or-dies even participated in a friendship test, emerging with flying colors (via YouTube). According to PopSugar, they have sweet nicknames for each other, too, with Schnapp calling Brown "Mills" or "Millster," while she refers to him as "Schnipper." 

In an interview with the Build series, Brown confirmed that Schnapp is "definitely up there" among her friends because he's completely "mental" and she can never predict what he's going to do. Judging by Brown's enthusiasm, they always have a good time together, which explains how the two of them got so close so quickly. 

Proving that was absolutely the case, the "Stranger Things" duo made their triumphant return to TikTok in early March 2021, much to fans' delight, sharing a video of them dancing around to Polo Frost's "Best Ever."

Millie Bobby Brown once pulled a major prank on Noah Schnapp

Spending long days on set must get tiresome, but, luckily, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp know how to keep things interesting. According to People, she pulled a massive prank on her co-star.

"On our last day of filming season 4, Millie, she got the whole crew together and she bought like, 2,000 water balloons," Schnapp said. "She called me back to our base camp to give her a hug goodbye. I got there and I was like, 'Where is she at? Let me go say goodbye.'"

Suddenly, Brown popped out with a bunch of crewmembers in tow, all armed with water balloons, and proceeded to pelt Schnapp. However, during an appearance on "The Tonight Show" (via the Daily Mail), Brown argued she was actually getting her buddy back for a previous prank he'd pulled on her. Regardless, ever since the water balloon incident, the TV star has been "terrified" of Schnapp's inevitable payback, she said.

Co-star Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson, revealed that sometimes the duo's practical jokes go too far, though. During an appearance on the "Inside of You" podcast (via YouTube), the actor recalled how Brown and Schnapp teamed up to convince a costumer on the hit show that her wedding venue was suddenly no longer available — two weeks out from the event.

"I think afterwards she took it well. Maybe not for like the first day or two ... I was like, 'Whoa, so maybe no more pranks on set,'" Matarazzo shared.

Have the Stranger Things actors ever dated?

They're so close that fans can't help but wish for something more between Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp. The Things notes how fans went wild when Brown posted a blurry shot to Instagram of her cuddling up to a mystery beau, with many believing it was Schnapp. "Is that Noah?????" wrote one. 

However, the young man in question turned out to be Jake Bongiovi, son of the legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi. Brown has been linked to Jake since June 2021, per Seventeen. In fact, the couple has been inseparable ever since, even attending the "Stranger Things" Season 4 premiere together in May 2022. 

Schnapp doesn't seem to be losing any sleep over it, particularly since, as Insider reported, he caused major controversy after jokingly claiming that Brown and Finn Wolfhard, who plays her on-screen boyfriend, secretly wanted to hook up. 

The comment, which was part of a meme that prompted participants to "tag two people that want to hook up with each other to make things awkward," was captured and posted to Instagram, preserving its infamy forever. Schnapp's joke was liked thousands of times by excited fans, who would clearly love to see Mike and Eleven get together for real.

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp were both emotional about Stranger Things ending

"Stranger Things" has been such a defining moment in its cast members' lives that it's no wonder they weren't happy about the idea of the show ending. On "The Tonight Show," host Jimmy Fallon asked Noah Schnapp how he felt about "Stranger Things" wrapping up following Season 5. 

In response, the actor admitted how reading an open letter from co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer, aka the Duffer Brothers, really put things into perspective for him. 

"They put out this letter, and it's like, 'The show's ending — that's it. This is the beginning of the end.' And I read it, and I was just bawling. I was so upset," he shared. Naturally, Schnapp reached out to co-star and best bud Millie Bobby Brown, who responded, "You're crying, too? So am I."

As it turns out, they have a habit of making each other emotional. Schnapp informed News18 that photos from Brown's 18th birthday party, which showed the actor getting choked up, were a result of sweet toasts in her honor — one of which her co-star delivered, of course. 

In fact, these two are so close that they actively rejected the idea that their time working together was coming to an end. While chatting to Collider, the co-stars admitted they were consciously refusing to accept that "Stranger Things" was over. 

"We are the last persons to accept it. You can talk to anyone before us, and we are not ready for it," Schnapp stated emphatically.

No matter what happens on the show, it seems these two are pals for life.