Here's What A Hair Mask Can And Cannot Do For You

Do you have brittle, damaged, and dry hair? If so, you're not alone. Many women have damaged hair from heat, coloring, or bleaching, but luckily, there are hair masks available that can strengthen your hair right up.

What is a hair mask? According to HSI Professional, a hair mask is simply a deep conditioning treatment that heals any damaged hair. And, get this: A hair mask works on every type of hair. Since masks are created using a myriad of ingredients, you can pick and choose which masks best suit your hair type, the outlet added.

For example, per Evalectric, if you have dry and damaged hair, your best bet for a hair mask is an intense nourishing mask, something that can restore the moisture in your hair. On the other hand, for those with frizzy curly hair, moisturizing masks filled with hydrating oils will help control those fly-aways, the outlet added. By knowing the state of your hair, you can successfully restore it back to its original hair state (i.e. make it healthier).

It's worthy to note that a hair mask won't solve everything — you also need to take care of your hair in other ways, like consistently washing it and moisturizing it, Evalectric added. And, using a hair mask too frequently can even potentially damage your hair in the long run.

The do's and don'ts of hair masks

Using hair masks back-to-back can also cause damage. That's why it's important to know the dos and don'ts of hair masking. The worst thing that can happen is damaging your already damaged hair with a product that is supposed to nourish it.

One item in the Don't Column: Never apply a mask to dry hair, Evalectric says. That's because wet hair better absorbs the nutrients than dry hair does, so why add a nutritional-based product to your dry hair when its follicles aren't as open? Remember, however, that you can apply a mask if your hair is clean or if the mask is oil-based, the outlet added.

Another Don't for hair masking is not to use a low-quality mask. You want a good hair mask to restore your hair to its healthier state. Therefore, you need a good hair mask that's packed with oils. Any ol' hair mask, especially one not suited for your hair type, won't do.

Last, one key to hair masking is using heat. Yes, that sounds suspicious, considering heat may have damaged your hair in the first place, but according to the website, using heat, such as a warm towel or a heated cap, can speed up the masking process, overall strengthening your hair faster.