At What Temperature Should You Really Be Drinking White Wine At?

The world of wine is intricate, but once you delve into it, you never want to leave. The further you progress into it, the more you learn. For example, some wines are healthier than others, and certain things can happen to your body if you drink wine every day. There are also "correct" and "incorrect" ways to drink white wine, just like any other wine. Champagne, for instance, should be consumed differently than red wines.

White wine is its own field of wines to tackle. According to Usual Wines, white varieties should be consumed out of glasses that have a "U-shaped bowl." "Compared to red wines, these wines need less oxygen to release their aromatics," Usual Wines explained. Furthermore, these wines are "white" — they're actually clear — because the "grape skins don't make contact with the grape juice," meaning they never impart their color into the liquid. Because they require less oxygen, you don't have to be as precarious when drinking white wines, but you should still take special care if you want to taste their best possible flavor.

You may have been drinking white wine at the wrong temperature this whole time

When drinking white wine, you must also consider the temperature at which you're drinking it. While the glass you're using is important for oxygen exposure, the temperature can determine which notes pop as you drink it. Some wines are better cooled, and some are better at room temperature.

For white wine, the optimal consumption temperature is between 50 and 60° Fahrenheit, meaning it should be chilled before pouring (via Vine Pair)."The best way to get white wine and rose cold is to place it in the fridge immediately after buying it; however, if you buy the wine the same day you want to drink it, either leave it in the fridge for several hours, or you can place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes," Vine Pair explained. They also recommend letting the bottle sweat rather than immediately putting it back in the fridge after pouring. This will allow you to taste a different flavor palette after it warms up.

Other wine experts, like Wine Folly, recommended a slightly different serving range. They recommend between 49 and 55° Fahrenheit, but this isn't too far off from Vine Pair's range. Ultimately, you just need to know that white wine will taste best chilled. And to that we say, cheers!