Why Michael K. Williams' Final Instagram Post Was So Chilling

Fans were shocked and heartbroken to learn that talented actor Michael K. Williams died this past weekend at the age of 54 (via AP News). Although his cause of death has not yet been officially confirmed, it's being reported as a possible drug overdose (via The New York Times).

Upon hearing the tragic news, people immediately took to Twitter to pay tribute to "The Wire" actor, who brought the character of Omar Little to life, with one fan sharing the sentiment of many: "A legend that will be sorely missed." Likewise, another fan tweeted, "Michael K Williams' loss is devastating. Gutting. A brilliant, kind, and sweet human being."

Countless celebrities also weighed in on Williams' loss, with Stephen King tweeting, "Horrible, sad, and unbelievable to think we've lost the fantastically talented Michael K. Williams at the age of 54." Actor Lance Reddick shared his passionate tribute to Williams, writing, "Michael K. Williams: One of the kindest, gentlest, most genuine, giving and courageous souls I've ever met. Rest in peace, my brother" (via IMDb),

Meanwhile, as the world attempts to process the gifted star's death, much attention has turned to his last Instagram post.

Michael K. Williams' shocking last Instagram post is eerie

Williams shared his final Instagram post less than a week before he was found dead in his Brooklyn, New York apartment. And, as the New York Post reports, the post was downright cryptic in nature.

It was a video that Williams actually shared, in which we see actor Tracy Morgan declaring in part, "Don't cry for me... okay I had a misfortune accident." Of course, the "SNL" star is referring to his 2014 car accident in which he sustained life-threatening injuries (via Page Six). Morgan talked about the headline-making incident during a 2018 podcast.

"Don't cry for me. Cry for all the others, man," Morgan continues, going on to say, "My grandmother told me when you think you doing bad, there's always somebody out there worse. There's people out there in the world with nobody to love and nobody to love them. How about that?"

The clip Williams shared with his 705,000 followers ended with the comedian saying, "It's simpler than that. It's way simpler than that. You know what true happiness is? Having something to look forward to."

Michael K. Williams talked about his addiction struggle

The Emmy-nominated Williams struggled with drug addiction, and talked openly about it in several interviews (via New York Post). In 2020, he told Men's Health that his using began due to, "Pain. In a word, a lot of pain. A lot of trauma early on that I didn't have the proper tools to deal with." He also said about coping with his difficult childhood and teenage years, "Drugs were there. And I was already self-medicating." At one point he admits, "I just remember feeling like, 'Eh, maybe the world will be better off without me.'"

Sadly, the star had recently entered therapy, telling Tamron Hall in February, "Drugs and alcohol are not the problems, they're merely symptoms of the problem. And once those things go away, the real work begins" (via The Sun). He added, "Those are the things that need to be addressed. Those are the reasons we got high in the first place, and our inability to deal with life on life's terms."

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Fans react to Michael K. Williams' shocking last Instagram post

Meanwhile, fans reacted to the Instagram post Williams shared before his death, with one person commenting, "This actually gave me Chills." And another person said, "It's eerie the things people post before they pass away... Rest easy my brother."

"Wow...the fact that this was your last post..rest easy," another follower said, with someone else simply commented in part, "Goosebumps." Many other commenters thanked the actor for his last post, with one noting, "Message received legend!"

Finally, a fan perhaps said it best with this comment: "He posted this 6 days ago before he passed?? People are growing through silent pain and suffering. Let's be kind to one another." 

At time of writing, Williams final Instagram post had been viewed well over 2 million times, as fans continued to express disbelief that he died, and that this post was his last.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).