How Stephanie, Mike & Liz's Lives Changed Since I Love A Mama's Boy - Exclusive

Being on a reality TV show can't be easy. From allowing the public insane access to their private lives, to being faced with their own failings, feelings, and fears in a camera lens, reality TV stars go through a lot. But for some, these challenges are worth it. Take, for example, Mike, Stephanie, and Liz from "I Love a Mama's Boy" on TLC. The trio appeared on the show's first season, sharing an insider look into the drama that comes with being, mothering, or dating a mama's boy. And now they're back!

Mike, Stephanie, and Liz decided to come back for "I Love a Mama's Boy" Season 2, because they felt that their story wasn't done. "We got significantly cut down because of the pandemic," Mike said in an exclusive interview with The List. "And there was a lot of new stuff developing with our relationship, and we felt like we still had a lot more to talk about and we were excited to continue to share that and do that journey with TLC." What is this new stuff that was developing? How has this journey with TLC been going? Here's how Stephanie, Mike, and Liz's lives have changed since "I Love a Mama's Boy."

Stephanie and Liz have grown a lot closer since I Love a Mama's Boy

Perhaps one of the biggest changes for this trio is that Stephanie and Liz have grown a lot closer since their "I Love a Mama's Boy" journey began — even, as Mike told The List, "when the cameras are off." "We've gone to wineries, we've gone on vacations, and they've really gotten to know each other so well," he explained. "I just feel like every time we get into a room now, we have a lot of fun and that's a little bit, not that it was ever not fun, but there's just a level of comfort there now that wasn't there two years ago."

Liz and Stephanie agree. "I sometimes actually joke that I get along better with Liz now than I do with Mike," Stephanie added. "Just because Mike and I have been together for so long and living together through the pandemic. And it's like, when I talk to Liz, we always get so excited to chat and catch up." 

Mom Liz bemoans the moments when she has a "spat" with Mike, because it means she can't call Stephanie for a chat. "I feel that when we're together, there is more comfort now that we got to know each other," Liz said.

Being on I Love a Mama's Boy has impacted these stars in almost every way

Being on "I Love a Mama's Boy" has impacted these stars' lives in almost every way, from their careers to how they interact with one another. As Mike told The List, the reality show has opened their eyes to "so many more things." It's almost been an outlet to be able to have these kinds of tough conversations and work through these things," he revealed. "When you are filming what a lot of people don't realize is you put yourself fully out there and you're vulnerable. And by being able to really let your guard down and have these true deep conversations, that right there just shows the way that, how powerful that can really be." Mike added that these vulnerable conversations helped bring their "relationships to the next level" and even helped make him be "more confident" in his career.

As for Liz, being on "I Live a Mama's Boy" has helped her let go of Mike. "He'll always, to me, be my baby," she said. " But I guess the show made me see that [he's] just growing up."

"I Love a Mama's Boy" airs Sundays on TLC at 10 p.m. ET/PT.