Why Bachelor In Paradise's Brendan And Pieper Have The Internet Seeing Red

The summertime drama of "Bachelor in Paradise" has returned, and the latest love triangle reveal has people riled up. Natasha Parker seemed happy, and it appeared she was connecting with Brendan Morais — that is, until Pieper James showed up to rain on the parade and immediately ask out Brendan. Turns out, Pieper and Brendan had been dating for a couple of months before "Bachelor in Paradise" started filming, and they didn't keep it under wraps too well (via People).


When the couple were alone after Pieper showed up, Brendan told her, "We have to have each other's back. It has to be you and me, first and foremost, before anyone else on the beach, and that's the only way we're gonna get through this, like, being in the position we wanna be in, utilizing this time here and taking advantage of what 'Paradise' would promote together" (via Us Weekly). The statement pretty much revealed that they'd hatched a plan before coming onto the show, and that Brendan wasn't ever serious about Natasha.

Natasha was none too pleased, and after the episode aired, Natasha tweeted, "'Pick up where we left off?!' What am I watching?" 

Others replied in solidarity. One wrote, "And Pieper wanna brag and act like she gotta good dude. Umm. That s*** coming right back around to haunt her later." 


Another said, "I'm dreaming of driving the Karma bus the day it meets Brendan!!!"

Both Brendan and Pieper have lost thousands of social media followers

Bachelor nation took to social media to hit Brendan and Pieper where it apparently would hurt: their Instagram numbers. According to an Instagram page that tracks "Bachelor"-related stats, after the show aired, Brendan lost more than 37,000 followers, Pieper lost more than 4,500, and Natasha gained more than 100,000. To that update, one commenter wrote, "The content I didn't know I needed — watching karma play out is really satisfying." 


Another said, "Natasha more than doubled her total follower count and she is still rising. We love to see it." Others called for Natasha to be featured as the next Bachelorette.

For her part, Pieper seemed to add fuel to the fire on the day of the damning episode with a photo on Instagram captioned, "All's fair in love and war" with a winky face. 

People weren't happy. One wrote, "You're actually proud of what you did?" 

Another let loose with, "Why the actual f*** are you wasting everyone's time? Both of y'all should've stayed home."

Brendan also mentioned the drama without really mentioning it on Instagram with the caption, "Here for the wrong reasons." 

Commenters didn't hold back there, either. One wrote, "Wow, so shady. Natasha deserves so much better!" 


Another simply said, "What a tool."