If You're A Capricorn, Ask These Questions On The First Date

If you're getting ready for a first date, why not let your zodiac sign do the talking? Whether you just got out of an über-committed relationship or you've gone on dating app meet-ups once a week for way too long, letting the zodiac guide the conversation might be the trick you're waiting for. In fact, your sun sign represents your main identity that only becomes more accurate with age, making it a perfect tool for finding The One (via Refinery29). And while you don't want to scare your date off with too-serious talks about the future or peer unwaveringly into their soul (unless you're a Scorpio), there's something to be said about looking into the zodiac to gauge compatibility.

Before you whip out your natal chart and start over-analyzing your date's astrological wheel (been there), it's best to just use your own zodiac sign to test how right you are for each other. Sure, small talk about puppies and favorite coffee preparations is fine — but it won't get you very far when it comes to finding out if your date can turn into something long-term. If that's the aim, use your sign to ask the right questions, discovering if your goals and lifestyles match up. For logical, meticulous Capricorns, this kind of strategizing should be right up your alley and will help you get the low-down on whether investing more time in your date is worth it. Plus, it'll save you from any awkward silences and might make for more meaningful conversation than you expected.

Good first date question: Are they success-driven like you?

Capricorns are the zodiac's accountants, strategists, and logicians, striving to reach their goals from sunrise to sundown. Sea goat signs can be found texting their friends about tomorrow's life-changing 5am Pilates class or that 7am coffee-and-networking event -– with usually no reply. Still, Capricorns will never judge loved ones for being on the lazier side and can actually envy other people's relaxed attitude to life. But, they will always work hard -– it's just in the cards for them.

If you're a Capricorn, you're not likely to veer far from your ambitious attitude. As an earth sign, you value material things, security, and grounded, rational thinking (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). For you, life isn't just about notoriety, success, or being the best in your field -– your utmost sense of responsibility means your monetary goals are just as important to you. You accept the way the world works and know the value of a dollar -– that being said, you particularly prize money for the independence it affords you. You will work harder than anyone on your team, which can make it difficult to find balance in your day-to-day (via Allure). It's no wonder you need a partner who will understand your workaholic tendencies and be just as determined as you.

When it comes to your date, try to gauge how passionate they are about their career. You'll fall in love with their driven nature, and combined, the two of you might just rule the world!

Are they ready for tons of at-home cooking?

One of Capricorn's little-known traits is their passion for home cooking, whether rolling out gnocchi from scratch, making a good-for-you cucumber Greek salad, or searing the best thyme-butter salmon anyone's ever had. Sea goat signs are not likely to indulge in caramel-topped brownies or any kind of decadent dessert, since they usually put their health and body aesthetics first. Still, a Capricorn might just surprise with a five-star-level dinner, whether made for their friends and family, or a special someone.

Just like overly logical Virgos and nature-oriented Tauruses, Capricorns are earth signs (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). While this gives them their signature rational approach to life, it also means they're particularly connected to the world around them. They may not be trail-trekking adventurers like their Taurus cousins, but they enjoy experiencing nature's gifts, particularly fresh produce straight from the soil. Capricorns love going to weekend farmer's markets, reveling in the infused honey, in-season strawberries, ripe tomatoes, and ground spices. 

While Capricorns are known as sensible workhorses with supreme common sense, they can actually be quite creative, too. They'll dream up ways to bring their freshly bought ingredients to life at home, and will love saving money by staying in rather than dining in expensive restaurants. As a Capricorn, you find peace and calm away from your hectic work-life in creating dishes, so make sure to ask your date how they feel about at-home cooking -– maybe for the second date.

Are they thrifty or spend-happy?

Of course, you don't want to get too down to the details on the first date or treat the meet-up like an investment opportunity. First dates are meant to be breezy, fun, and an exercise in letting your guard down. Of course, we sometimes dream up Prince Charming scenarios, and your date may just wait for you with a carriage and glass slipper (AKA his car and that candy you mentioned you liked). Even 50-year marriages start somewhere, but so do simple friendships or acquaintances. Even if you and your date end up ghosting one another after your shared cappuccinos, it's still important to get a read on their lifestyle choices – because it could be for the long-haul.

If you're a sea goat sign, let's face it: money is important to you, especially when thinking about the future. Not so much that you're looking for someone well-off (or a sparkly prince), but you do want someone who cares about their finances as much as you do. You see the perfect union as a team, working hard together to accomplish goals and move upward. While you might meet someone who loves goldendoodles like you do, as well as weekend tennis, and who makes you laugh until your belly hurts, getting a read on their financial attitudes is just as imperative.

While you're not likely to talk about money on the first date, you can touch on conversation about your work, weekend habits, and future goals.

Do they care about fashion and aesthetics?

Another unlikely Capricorn trait no one talks about enough? Your incredible attention to style, aesthetics, and the ability to look amazing at all times. Not to toot your horn, but sea goats' detail-focused nature means you always look put-together. Different from trend-crazy Libras or designer-loving, luxe Leos, Capricorns like artful simplicity and wear-forever pieces. As per Astrology Zodiac Signs, this sign is all about "understated status," so rather than in-your-face labels, they want something practical but swoon-worthy -– very French girl chic. Opening up a Capricorn's closet is just like entering a stark museum: muted tones, sumptuous materials, and a timelessness that makes the rest of us rethink our wardrobes!

While you aren't likely to jump on trendy Y2K cargo pants, sequined baguette bags, or quirky nail designs anytime soon, you love slightly unique pieces you can wear every day. Think cashmere sweaters with unexpected open-backs, or the perfect black bodysuit with a sculptural cut-out. You don't mind investing in supreme quality and are an avid outfit-repeater –- in your opinion, not frequently wearing the clothes you already own is akin to throwing hard-earned money in the trash. 

When it comes to relationships, Capricorns put stability before all. But they also look for a great sense of style, envisioning perfect couple photos on their Pinterest moodboard. This sign isn't averse to some subtle couple matching, especially a great striped shirt and sneakers moment, and just wants someone who appreciates classic fashion as much as they do.

Can they keep up with a Capricorn's type-A cleanliness?

Per Co-star Astrology, Capricorns are the "ultimate" perfectionists, and this personality quirk shows up in every aspect of their lives. They're the ones who refuse to wear white after Labor Day, have all their Christmas décor up by late November, and will turn anything into a competitive sport -– even their company retreat's softball match. And who are we to judge determination? Sea goats' vibrant ambition shows up in just about everything they do -– and that includes keeping a squeaky-clean house.

If a Capricorn's house symbolizes them, then it is perfectly organized, fabulously decluttered, functional to a T, and smells like fresh lemon and cleaning products. While this can come with downsides — as in getting pretty anxious when friends drink red wine on their white sofa or come into their house with dirty shoes — it makes for an incredible living space. If you're a Capricorn, you probably recall the "ooh's" and "aah's" from friends every time they visit you, remarking on how cozy your home is. You love a great verbena candle, comfy knit throws, ever-clean floors and counterspace, and the faint scent of cookies always in your oven. It's all pretty perfect — so naturally you need someone to share it with!

Keep an eye out for your date's attention to their own appearance, and how relaxed (or not) they are about mess. It's always great to have balance, but a Capricorn will love a partner who doubles as a cleaning buddy.

Do they prefer wild partying or at-home movie nights?

Just like a Capricorn likes a partner who prefers romantic pasta-making and wine dates instead of going out to five-star restaurants, this sign needs someone who prefers Netflix nights over clubbing any day. Don't get us wrong: Capricorns have a wild side. Per Allure, sea goat signs are represented by the "devil" tarot card, and they have a penchant for rebellious partying and debauchery when the time is right. There is definitely a rendezvous-loving soul inside every Capricorn –- they just prefer to keep it under wraps most of the time and need a partner who will do the same.

A Capricorn's perfect relationship involves waking at the crack of dawn, working out together, getting a healthy breakfast, and eventually relegating themselves to an at-home movie night with some popcorn. Friends will text about that incredible new club opening downtown or how you have to attend the costume party everyone's been talking about for weeks, but chances are, you and your perfect match will be happiest cuddling up under a blanket and watching "Game of Thrones." Capricorns are grounded above all else (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), and they like to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Plus, this sign is all about penny-pinching, and staying in is a lot more wallet-friendly than paying for bottle service.

While on your meet-up, ask your date what a typical weekend looks like for them. Even if it includes clubbing, have they grown tired of the party scene?

Ask if they will like experiencing nature with you

Sometimes, the zodiac seems divided between the nature lovers — like boho-philosophical Sagittarius — and the ones who prefer time indoors — like shopping-mall-loving Leo. Capricorns sit right in the middle. They're A-okay with sticking to their cubicle from nine to five, at least if that means there's a light of success at the end of the tunnel. Similarly, a sea goat sign doesn't mind staying at home, especially if that means saving money and spending time with those they care for the most. Capricorns are savvy when it comes to time, and they know clubbing equals meeting lots of people they'll never see again -– not their vibe. Still, as earth signs, they also need to experience nature whenever possible.

While Capricorns aren't seen as an "adventurous" sign per se, they might surprise you. They are fierce lovers of independence (via Astrology Zodiac Signs), so enjoy getting lost in hiking trails or skiing through snowy mountains. Plus, they are infamously even-keeled and love to reflect on life while sitting atop a hill, just admiring the clouds above. Their pragmatism extends to the planet at large (via Co-star Astrology), which means they truly care about protecting nature and treating the environment responsibly.

Make sure to ask your date about their bucket list and what natural destinations they would love to visit one day. Get a handle on their favorite hobbies so that the two of you can plan a fun excursion next.