Microblading Vs. Powder Brows: What's The Right Style For You?

The ultra-tweezed brow phase of the '90s and the 2000s is long gone, and thick, fluffy, and sometimes even bushy, brows have been in style for several years now. And given that your eyebrows bring balance and proportion to your face, per the Los Angeles Times, it makes sense that you'd want to pay attention to the way they look. 


With all the cosmetic grooming treatments out there for a fuller brow look, it may be hard to find the right option for you. Cosmetic tattooing, a form of semi-permanent makeup, is a great resort for those who wish to have their brows filled without having to take the extra step with a pomade or pencil every day. However, many might not be aware that there are actually two main types of eyebrow cosmetic tattooing: microblading and powder brows, per Monolith Tattoo Studio. Although they both are done by an expertly trained brow artist, the results can look completely different. So which one is right for you? Keep scrolling to find out.

Microblading offers a more natural look

Microblading is done by using a needle to deposit pigment into the skin's epidermis, filling in your brows and allowing your artist to alter their shape as well. The effect lasts six to 10 months. "The process is performed by creating defined, hair-like strokes in the brow," international brow stylist Melanie Marris told Byrdie


The outlet reports that this technique is a great option for those with thin, sparse brows. The meticulous process, which involves delicately using a hand tool to carefully implement individual hair strokes, looks remarkably like real eyebrow hair patterns when finished, and is ideal for those who want a more natural look. Monolith Tattoo Studio also recommends microblading for those with fair skin and fair hair.

However, InStyle says that those with oily skin may be less suitable for the procedure and may have to spend more money on frequent touch ups, as the pigment will fade faster. 

Powdered brows offer a more velvet, made up look

If you do have oily skin, do not fret; there is a cosmetic eyebrow tattooing option out there for you. Powder brows, often called ombre brows, more closely replicate the look of makeup. "Powder brows uses a digital machine, which allows soft pixels of color to be layered onto the brows to create the perfect shape, which results in more of a 'velvet' soft eyebrow powder look," permanent makeup artist Chloe Walsh told Huda Beauty


This procedure also typically lasts longer than microblading, making it ideal for those with oily skin, and is also suitable for those with already full brows who just want something a little extra. It is also recommended for those who live active lifestyles, and for those with more mature skin. The best part about powdered brows? No touch ups necessary, and the results can last up to 18 months.

However, if you still can't decide, a combination of microblading and powdered brows is also an option. It involves using both techniques of creating hair-like strokes in the front, and then filling in the rest of the brow with soft shading. Overall, your skin type, the natural state of your brows, and the look you're going for can help you determine if microblading, powdered brows, or a mixture of both will work best for you.