Microblading Vs. Microshading: What's The Difference?

When it comes to achieving "brows on fleek," there are a multitude of methods that you can use to achieve a full, fluffy, perfectly styled look. One of the most popular means of achieving fuller eyebrows is microblading, but what about — as per Byrdie – "the long-lost sibling to microblading," microshading? Is microshading a better alternative to microblading?

Microshading is called "shading" because unlike microblading, the fuller look of the eyebrows is achieved through a shading-like process and gradient appearance. The difference between microblading and microshading is that microblading creates fine lines across the skin, whereas microshading uses tiny dots of pigment in a similar way to how a brow powder is used.

As per Refinery29, brow expert Suman Jalaf, explained, "Microblading is lots of tiny, tiny strokes, but microshading is a dot-to-dot method, giving a diffused effect. Microshading gives a really nice, feathered effect."

In essence, microblading is the process of sketching each individual hair, similar to how an eyebrow pencil works, whereas microshading creates a finish that is softer — it tends to mimic the airbrushed effect and is similar to how an eyebrow powder would work.

Which eyebrow option is better?

Both microblading and microshading offer fantastic results, but which is best? As per Refinery29, microblading became popular because it offered a natural-looking finish that also offered longevity and versatility. Admittedly, microblading can be expensive, but for anyone looking for brows that are consistently on fleek, it offers a break from the grind of constant product application and eyebrow styling. Plus, another benefit of microblading is the fact that it works well on both sparse and thick brows alike.

As per Healthline, microshading tends to offer a gentler treatment option — ideal for those with skin that's more sensitive. However the results do tend to fade more quickly than microblading, which means that more regular top-ups are required. Interestingly, both microblading and microshading can be used in combination with each other.

Brow expert Suman Jalaf explained, "I really like both treatments, and as they offer different finishes, I sometimes use both on one client. For example, I might use microblading near the start of the brow for a really precise effect, and then switch to microshading for a feathered effect in the centre of the brow. It's about balancing both equally."

So you heard it here! Go to a pro, and they just might use both techniques to get you that perfect brow.