Olivia Amato Reveals What She Eats In A Week

If you want to wake up in the morning to sparkle and sweat — or at least see sparkle and sweat on your Peloton screen as you pedal away to start your day — then take an Olivia Amato ride. The petite wonder with the long, silky mane of hair (who typically starts a ride in a ponytail and ends it with a messy bun) will inspire you with her abundance of energy before dawn and her determination to push you where you never thought possible. It's a ride to nowhere that always takes you somewhere.

Amato may seem like the ultimate fitness guru who aspired to her position most of her life, but the Peloton instructor, who recently became engaged, as of this writing, started her career on Wall Street in sales and trading, according to her website. However, she quickly grew bored sitting behind a desk and went back to her roots as a child athlete who played hockey and lacrosse while also running track. 

She eventually became a fitness instructor, which led her to the world of Peloton, where Amato knows that staying healthy and in shape isn't just about fitness — it's also about diet and what you put into your body.

What Olivia Amato feasts on during the week

Although Olivia Amato is usually up before the sun rises to get to the New York City Peloton studio to teach a live class, she grabs some coffee with almond milk as a morning treat. After her classes, she often walks her dog and grabs her second cup of coffee but changes things up and uses oat milk. While she might vary what she eats from day to day, Amato admitted to Delish that she is a "creature of habit" when going over just one day of her food diary.

On that day, Amato said she enjoyed a high-protein breakfast of two eggs and two veggie sausages, but she treated herself to lunch out at one of her favorite restaurants in Manhattan's Flatiron District, where she feasted on steamed veggies, brown rice, and a veggie patty with tahini and hot sauce. For dinner, Amato decided to try a brand-new recipe in her apartment and cooked panko-breaded cod with veggies and potatoes.

What Olivia Amato eats on weekends

On a weekend day off, Olivia Amato's schedule is much easier, and she changes up her diet a bit. When she shared with Delish what she ate in a week, her breakfast consisted of some non-fat yogurt from Trader Joe's mixed with frozen blueberries, a pat of almond butter, and a bit of muesli.

Amato also indulged in a treat that day: a matcha butter cup. "They're handmade in Brooklyn and so delicious," she said. "They also have matcha in them... so they're healthy, right?!"

Trader Joe's is clearly an Amato favorite as she ate lunch using their products, which consisted of a "Greek salad, which I made with lettuce, cabbage, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, olive oil, and red wine vinegar."

When evening came, it was time for a simple breakfast-for-dinner, consisting of eggs with peppers and ricotta cheese as well as two slices of protein-filled turkey bacon. Occasionally, she will add gluten-free pancakes to the mix and enjoy chocolate-covered bananas or strawberries for dessert.

Olivia Amato stays healthy while dining out

If Olivia Amato knows she's going out to dinner with friends, she does what so many of us do and eats light the rest of the day. On one particular day, when she knew she would indulge, breakfast consisted of yogurt with blueberries and cinnamon; lunch was a salad made with spinach, feta, and chicken breast; and dinner was a decadent treat during a night out — pizza and pasta.

"I don't eat pasta and pizza a lot, but when I do, I make sure it's good — and this was amazing," she said referring to the restaurant Lil' Frankie's in Manhattan's West Village (via Delish). "We ordered a bunch of different pizzas, pastas, and salads for the table to share, which I loved because we got to try a little bit of everything. ... I left the night feeling great because I had such a fun night with my friends and also enjoyed the food, knowing that tomorrow I'll be back on track with my normal schedule and routine."